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  1. Thank you for all the replies. Sorry it took this long to reply, but I wanted to answer. i did send a long letter to corporate. They told me they wasn't anything they could do. Not the experience one would anticipate from a luxury new car dealer AND a luxury car manufacturer like a Lexus. It is a horrible feeling driving around in a car you bought new and having that feeling of being conned. Thanks again.
  2. The dealer in question is Stevinson Lexus and they are unwilling to accept any responsibility. Since my last post they asked me to take it to my local dealer and the dealer stated that there was moire damage done to my car than they had originally stated. Now Stevinson Lexus is saying that if there was such great damage there was no way they would have missed it. I noticed the issue within 24 hours. One would have to assume I sleep waked crashed my car and had it fixed and painted and back in bed before I woke up. It is quite alarming that you can buy a used car pay a new car price and be able to get away with it without disclosing it. The general manager did tell me that their guys were so good that I would have never been able to tell they fixed it. What does that say. To make matters worse, I understand by talking to an attorney that Colorado is the only state that requires the buyer to pay for the attorney fees for both sides of the lawsuit. They know they got by the b**ls and will not let go. It is an awful feeling let me tell you.
  3. I bought a brand new Lexus last year. A day after I bought it my wife noticed that the trunk was off center. At the moment I thought that perhaps during the manufacturing process the trunk was not installed correctly. No big deal. When I took the car in for other small issues a different Lexus dealer said that it was not a warranty issue because the body shop that inspected the vehicle noticed that the bumper had been "heavily buffed" which meant that at some point the car had been bumped in the rear. The trunk they found out was not off center but the bumper frame had to be moved outward. I am livid and was clearly taken advantage off. Does anyone have ideas on what to expect from the dealer. They claim they don't know how that could have happened. Thanks in advance for your posts.