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  1. I am wondering when do we replace following fluids in RX400H. The service schedules only talks about replacing Brake Fluid at 30K. 1.Transmission 2. Coolant 3. Power Steering 4. Differential Is there a criteria to replace these based on color or length of time etc.? Also, are there any other fluids to change .
  2. James thanks for a response which Michelin tires? How long they last?
  3. I need to replace the tires on my 2008 RX 400. I am not fan of "V" rated tires that last only 20-25K miles. I am looking for all-season tires that will work in snow and will last 50k+ miles. Any recommendations? Are there any issues with RX400's Lo Tire Pressure Warning system if use non OEM tires? Also, if you have already used non V rated tires on RX400 then can please share your experience.
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums RestonRx :)