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  1. Paul.. you are a petty man. Your threat means absolutely nothing because you have absolutely no power. Feel free to delete the post, ban me, whatever; I honestly don't care one whit what you do. You show why sites have gotten rid of forum moderators, but it seems LOC hasn't learned the lesson of the 2000's. That's too bad. I'll let you get back to feeling like you're important. Adios.
  2. Once again Paul, a completely useless contribution. A class-action lawsuit would encompass ALL hybrid vehicles made by Lexus that do not perform to their EPA estimates, not just the RX (unless of course that model is the only one that proves to qualify). This is why this conversation is not posted only in the RX forum. Once you have been involved in a class-action suit or have any legal background regarding such suits, I more than welcome you to join in the conversation. B
  3. Can everyone please stay on topic? I was asking for names of those who wish to join the list in a class-action lawsuit against Lexus for falsifying EPA estimated MPG in order to artificially inflate the sales value of their RX 450h. Whether you get good mileage in your Toyota Highlander, or whether you feel the lawsuit is valid is a complete non-sequitur and of no value to this discussion. Regarding Bruce's comment, the amount claimed in the lawsuit is not the lost monies from gasoline costs. It is the difference in cost between the RX 350 and the RX 450h that Lexus charges for supposedly increasing the MPG through a hybrid engine which is roughly $6,000 for base model pricing. Paul, out of everyone in this thread, you have been the least helpful regarding the topic for this post. Please stop. David, I've added your name to the list. If anyone else wishes to be added, please let me know. Thanks
  4. Hi Paul, Thank you for your input. However, I am not asking for opinions as to the validity of the lawsuit. Several have already been filed, and won, by litigants against Ford, Kia, Honda, and Hyundai. It's time to take a look at Lexus and see if they should join the ranks. I am asking 450h owners to share their MPG experience for 2010-2015 models. That's all. Thanks, Ben
  5. I own a 2013 RX 450h and from the day I purchased it I have averaged 24mpg, bouncing from 23-25mpg highway mileage, with anywhere from 22-26mpg city... a far cry from the 28/32mpg advertised. The dealership has reset my ECM three times, changed the inflation on the tires four times, and added a special spoiler and "areo fins", all with 0 effect. After pestering Lexus for over a year, I was told that 24mpg is NORMAL for this car, and there is nothing wrong with it. I have polled other 450h drivers and the vast majority state their mileage is the same, around 24-25mpg. Only 3 have said they get the promised 28/32mpg. I intend to file a class action lawsuit against Lexus for artificially inflating their MPG rating on their hybrid vehicles in order to increase sales and justify the massive price difference between the hybrid and regular models. I am polling all 450h owners, 2010-2015, to find out what their average mileage is. If a significant number are having the same issue, I will begin the process of filing on behalf of all 450h owners. Again, this is only for 2010-2015 models. Thank you in advance for posting your MPG experiences. Ben
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