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  1. Check out this video which I relied on heavily when installing a stereo in my '06 RX400h with Navigation: What does the DISP button do again? I can check to see if mine behaves how you expect it to.
  2. Luckily (not for my pocketbook) the timing belt was done a little after 50K because the coolant pump was leaking. I think they sold me on differential service as well - when the SA said "front differential", I assumed it was the transmission, but I may be wrong there. Does the primary coolant also cool the inverter?
  3. Recently passed 60k on my '06 RX400h and have been pecking away at the recommended maintenance list. I've done all the basic replacements and a few were done early at the previous dealer servicing. Oil, intake filter, tire rotation, brake fluid, etc are all done leaving only the "inspection" items: 60,000 Mile Factory Recommended Service Measure brake pad thickness and rotor runout Inspect axle shaft boots Inspect ball joints and dust covers Inspect body Inspect brake lines and hoses Inspect engine and inverter coolant Inspect engine valve clearance (if noise, vibration) I
  4. It's possible, but would seem less likely than finding someone on a Lexus RX forum.
  5. Crutchfield is actually what created the confusion in the first place. Their system said the AX-ADBOX1 was necessary, but it's such a universal product that there's no documentation as to what specifically it would do on my system. My guess is their staff won't know anymore information than the manufacturer provides, which is almost none.
  6. I know this usually would go in the A/V forum, but it's awfully quiet over there and because our RX's have such an odd assortment of audio packages, I wanted to ask this community first. I have 2006 RX400h with navigation (gen 4), Mark Levinson, 6-disc in dash with tape deck. There is no satellite radio option on this model. I do not have any rear DVD screens. My music library lives 100% on my Android phone, via Google Play Music, and so I require bluetooth audio streaming. I purchased the Audiovox (formerly Dice) Mediabridge device, but the connection was inconsistent and the text display d
  7. Well after some more waffling, and test driving a newer CR-V, I finally bit the bullet. 2006 Lexus RX400h, crystal white. I found one with 47K on it and had to jump at that opportunity. Now that I know that the inverter recall is a straight replacement (not just inspection) and I could confirm which VINs qualify, I'm comfortable with an '06. Only complaint so far is the voice prompt lady is hard of hearing. Me: "Navigation" Her: "Rotating map" Me: "Directions" Her: "Changing discs"
  8. Hmmmm, that makes me think. My work commute is basically 5 miles and change.
  9. One thing I was wondering is how long the ICE runs from a cold start to get everything warmed up. I have a relatively short commute so I'm curious how much of it would be in true hybrid mode.
  10. Thanks for responding. I understand that inverter or battery failure is uncommon (although a recall indicates more common than we'd hope) - but the repair cost ($10K?) is such that it drastically changes the economics of the purchase. Back of the envelope, it would take 14 years of gas savings (at $5/gal) to pay back that kind of expense vs. the RX350. If my numbers are off, let me know. I do see used items on eBay for significantly less, but I don't know about the labor cost or quality vs. dealer.
  11. Apologies for dredging up old thread, but I wanted to thank those of you who contributed to this thread after I stopped responding. An unexpected tax bill put my luxury dreams on hold for a while. But an even worse snow storm this past winter has again put us in the market for an AWD vehicle before the end of the year, and so I've been looking back through my prior research on the subject. Looking at local inventory and prices, I think I am very firmly in the '06 market. This would mean that the standard Lexus hybrid system warranty will likely have expired at 8 years. Given the recalls on in
  12. Thanks for the tip on the display system. I think I just left it on the NAV screen. I was there early but they had been driving it around to have it washed and detailed. But maybe not enough to warm it up. I'll keep an eye on it next time - I doubt I'll get this one; the color was not to my taste and they sell like hotcakes so probably gone by Monday. I'm definitely sold on this model though... what a beautiful car!
  13. So I test drive an 06 yesterday - great car, wrong color. Anyways I noticed when I started the ignition, the ICE fired right up. The sales guy was talking most of the time so I couldn't really tell, but it sure didn't feel like the ICE was shut of at any point, and we were on some back streets and at traffic lights. Does this sound typical? What should I look for as "normal" when test driving?
  14. Thank you both for your thoughts. I guess I should worry less about the AWD and figure out what tires would be appropriate for my region. I do suspect my price range will push me into the expired warranty range, so I do worry about some of the costly repairs you mention. I do work on my own cars but can't do everything... Especially on a heavy car with no lift.
  15. Maybe a more useful question is how does the AWD compare to RAV4 or CRV? Different class of cars, I know, but they are still on my list...
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