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  1. The service I was talking about included the change of the timing belt and a LOT of other components of the motor. I most of the time take my car to a Lexus dealership for service. I finally took my car there today and the problem turned out to be the two fans that work with the A/C and the radiator which come together. Also, they found an oil leak. FYI my car has 143000 miles but the mechanical aspect other than what they are repairing is all in pristine condition. I hope that it doesn't give me more problems or else I'll have to find my poor baby a new home. I really wish to do the work myself but it is a hybrid and this car's engineering is more complicated than many think.
  2. Okay so... I own a Lexus RX400h and I have noticed that when my A/C is on my car is not as quiet as it used to be. For some reason It was vibrating ONLY when the A/C is on and also made a rattling sound but kind of low. When I turn off the A/C the car goes to normal. My father checked under the hood and he thinks that it is the fan for the air conditioner. I am taking it to the dealer anyway to get it looked at but I would like to know if somebody here already did this service and how much it was. I already did a super complete service a year ago and they replaced a LOT of things. This service was almost $3,000. If I have to spend much more I swear I'll sell this car. -_-