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1998 LS400 Timing Belt Issue


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Hey everyone, 1st post on this site because I need some serious help. I tackled the timing belt this weekend and am ready to install the new t-belt, but the cams moved on me. How can I move them back and where is TDC for this engine? Is it at the 50 degree mark or at the "T" mark? I've managed to confuse myself and want to be 100% sure as this is a critical procedure.. Thanks

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stop and read before you start turning those cams or you will ruin your engine there are many write up on this...

YOU were supposed to read THEM, not just jump in and and hollar help... start reading and ask good questions

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I've followed Landar's tutorial step by step.. But when I took the old belt off the cams they shot back.. Then someone told me I had to move the crank back to zero instead of that 50 degree mark. I'm getting mixed information, hence why I've turned to the forum to clarify before I install the new belt. The crank's position didn't move but like I said the cams sprung back in a CCW direction. If you need more info from me, please let me know. 




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the 4 actual photos are for a 95-97 LS  the other two are your motor..

you can turn the cams back to where they were before they jumped (do not make a 360  cycle) 

and follow Landars guide.  you should be ok  IF landar said 50, thats fine 

make sure all three marks are in alignment

LS430 engine.JPG







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Like Billy said, you can just move the cams back to their original position but DON'T make a 360 degree turn. Then continue on with the procedure from landars tutorial. It's as simple as that.

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This is a great topic and good work in progress, i just admire that how people dig in and start doing things in the engine bay themselves unlike here, i notice that in the pics the engine is so clean free of dust unlike mine which was a mess! and requires quite an effort to clean everything up, because of the climatic conditions i guess or may be the original owner after import he never bothered to clean up

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