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  1. Hi Craig The thing is unfortunately in this part of the world (middle east) no body cares and customer feedback have 0 value, and yes there is no lexus corporate here Can i buy an ECU from a junkyard for a lets say 2000 LS? will it work with mine?
  2. Hi Craig Yes i saw your post sometime back, but do you think that if i reach out to Lexus at this point of time they will entertain? considering that the car was imported to UAE, i will try to reach them and will report back, From your post what i can understand you did managed to change it in the year 2014, so i am guessing i still have a chance Looking at the PDF of the SSC, my VIN number falls within that range which is specified as compared below campaign-ssc-wl2-1998-gs400-ls400-sc400-ecm-replacement.pdf
  3. Hi Ok reporting back after a short drive, well it appears that the problem is solved now, and yes check engine light is also gone by itself after driving at slow and constant speed, so from the pictures below, exactly 1 box of fuel is remaining and it is showing 100 miles range which is normal, we can say this a success story!
  4. Hi All Well reporting back, following things got replaced Valve cover gasket Knock sensors (unfortunately the wiring harness was not used by the mechanic i think he was not able to connect it, well i will keep it for future) Fuel filter PCV valve with the gasket Two transmission coolant hoses which are below the radiator Some pics And the flashy new one installed Now the knock sensors and ECT sensor PCV valve old Replaced the two transmission hoses which are below the radiator which were cracked and were leaking with new ones Okay now the car starts and what a bummer, Check Engine Light (CEL) is glowing in its full glory As you can see in the above dash pic, i have consumed half of the gas tank and was only able to get only 114 miles! well this was before so i will test drive and lets how much i will get now, i should get atleast 100 miles in 1 box of the fuel gauge meter, Ok now coming back to CEL, i already erased the DTC's right after the car started, took it for the test drive and again the CEL popped up ok so this was the result Well from the above, the P0715 is haunting me since i purchased my LS in 2015, i replaced the trans speed senor (which is near the trans foundation/ mounting) but still i failed to rectify this DTC Anyway now the car runs smooth and better than ever i just hope i get a good gas mileage now, i am attaching the new spare parts photos with part numbers just for reference Next steps I have some vacuum hoses which are cracked on the Intake Manifold pictures as below and also the intake air valve assembly (the whole plastic part) since it is cracked where it connects to the IAC valve, maybe i am losing some HP there and fuel efficiency there, will buy that whole assembly from junk yard Ok that sums it up, once i have these i will replace them myself and will report back again here, Well to be honest since my ownership since 2015, i have invested a lot in this car which makes me think that is it worth? well lets see if i recount i have changed the following Starter motor (from junk yard it was of LS 430 which fitted in just perfectly) All 4 oxygen sensors (Bosch from rockauto) All 8 spark plugs Alternator (purchased from rockauto) Radiator fan belt Power steering pump (from junkyard) Exhaust gaskets Exhaust center Y pipe (from junkyard) Front right and left lower ball joints (from junkyard) Front right and left control arms (from junkyard) Front right inner tie rod (genuine toyota) Rear upper control arms both right and left (from junkyard) Radiator fan clutch Radiator fan blade Starter motor (yes 2nd time since the bearing was shot of the 1st one) Intake manifold gaskets Water inlet coolant gasket Valve cover gasket PCV valve Engine Coolant Temperature sensor Fuel filter Phew!
  5. Hi Jim I believe we are not driving LS and expecting it to be loaded with the tech of this 21st century, its not fair to compare, i have driven the following Ford Mustang GT 2006- 4.6 litre V8 (brother in law owns it) Nissan Patrol 1999- 4.8 litre I6 (elder brother owns it) Nissan Armada 2006- 5.6 litre V8 (brother in law owns it) Lexus RX 330 (sister in law owns it) Lexus LS 430 2001 (elder brother owns it) Lexus LS 400 1998 (i own it) BMW X5 2015 4.4 litre V8 (my wife's sister husband owns it) Audi Q3 2014 3.2 litre V6 (my wife's sister owns it) Toyota Camry sports edition 2015 (elder used to own it but now sold) Out of the above 8 cars, in my personal experience i would pick the LS 430, why? simply because the ride is so much smoother (than the LS 400) but that can be debated with brand new cars but what cannot be debated is the cabin noise Even in BMW X5 and Audi Q3 which are still under warranty they have so much of cabin noise, (by cabin noise i am referring to the engine noise which can be heard every time when you accelerate from 0, this becomes a headache when you are into a number of traffic signals or there is a bumper to bumper traffic congestion) what our LS offers is the best ride experience and great silent cabins (i know i have not driven a lot of cars but it gives you an idea, what i have heard is Chrysler 300 C has a more dead silence cabin than the LS) and packed with power punches which will go from 120 km/hr to 180 km/hr without hesitation which is again a huge advantage with these natural aspirated engines compare to others I raced with a Range Rover and we both were at 180km/hr, both accelerated from 140km/hr and we were at the same position along the way up until we reached 180 (this i did with my 98 LS) I know i am going a little off topic here but since you mentioned that LS are now old with the tech., yes indeed they are old but with amazing ride even with the old tech, now regarding reverse camera parking although its a great added advantage but i would still pick up the old school optical way to park the car by using car mirrors, you should just know the thumb rules how to use them, it will keep you active in a sense that once you are used to reverse camera and due to some reason you are driving an old car or an old truck you will find difficulty, In my opinion Jim parking/proximity sensors are just the right balance (although i dont have them but thats what i feel since you will still be using mirrors to park your car) And as you said "who really wants it" i believe Jim those are the exact words, and that person will the pay the right amount ,you just have to find one In the end yes new car from showroom is always a new car and cannot be compared
  6. There could be number of issues, ignition coils would be my 1st guess another guess would be after spark plugs I have also experienced hesitation in my 98 LS and it was due to multiple cylinder misfires, so i changed all the 8 spark plugs which solved the problem however i did not changed the ignition coils though I believe in 92 LS there is no ignition coil which is direct on the spark plugs (coil on plug), there is a rotor and distributor cap with wiring harness running around all over 8 spark plugs so your issue can also lie somewhere in the wires again just a guess
  7. well from my own personal experience i used a body deodorant to clean the MAF sensor in my 1998 sensor which worked really well
  8. wow thats a lot, in that money you could have replaced your timing belt ..... anyway glad you found the solution and fixed it, just curious why you didnt tried any junk yard to find the spare parts? i am sure in your country there will be junk yards full of lexus just like here since LS are being massively imported in this part of the world from Japan (right hand drives) and are ripped apart and almost all parts being sold individually making a good profit for the guys doing the business.
  9. This is a great topic and good work in progress, i just admire that how people dig in and start doing things in the engine bay themselves unlike here, i notice that in the pics the engine is so clean free of dust unlike mine which was a mess! and requires quite an effort to clean everything up, because of the climatic conditions i guess or may be the original owner after import he never bothered to clean up
  10. but how is that possible that by changing the rim size it will affect the behavior of the speedometer in the dash? i think you should go to an electrician or find a new console from the junkyard to rule out any possibility, OBD scanners which are capable of programming the ECU are expensive and it will be not worth purchasing it in my opinion just for this problem, I have a similar case in my broher in law Ford Mustang GT (2006), but in that car it is the other way around speedometer reads more speed than actual as per GPS of about ~10 km/hr
  11. Sure will do that as well about the PCV valve Well i received the spare parts from ebay, looks good and i can indeed see denso on the sensors, costed me around 26.48 $ for 2 sensors and wiring I am planning to buy the following as well before i take my car to the mechanic PCV valve PCV valve seal Fuel Filter (i can bet that the current fuel filter is around the same age as of the car 20 years, so i will replace it as well) Coolant temperature sensor I will try to find the above parts locally here since these appear to be inexpensive 1998 Lexus LS 400- PCV valve seal-ACDELCO CV5006C.pdf 1998 Lexus LS400- Coolant Temperature sensor-ARNLEY 1580520.pdf 1998 Lexus LS400- PCV valve- FRAM FV401.pdf 1998 Lexus LS400-Fuel filterARNLEY 0431008.pdf
  12. Thanks craig, soon after the starter was replaced and the car was in running condition i test drove it and it lacked that "punch" which it usually used to show when you press the accelerator pedal all the way to the ground at once, i thought maybe i am being too conservative but after 4 days of driving it drank half the fuel tank and gave only 100 miles like i said before I just want to make sure that once again the manifold will be open so this time i dont want to miss anything else, in this country its difficult to find good garages majority of the ones are only for show with good lighting and customer service but 0 technical and foolishly expensive. And hey during this time i also managed to get a good fan clutch and replaced my old one and indeed the car became so quieter comparing to the previous Thanks for the support please do let me know if i am missing something
  13. Update: I ordered the sensors from the below link https://www.ebay.com/itm/232461386365 Well lets see when it arrives, will there be any possibility of bad Fuel Injectors Engine coolant temperature sensor?
  14. Hi Antony Yes thats right power steering pump is on the passenger side just above the alternator and somewhat diagonally below the fluid reservoir From that photo as craig suggested it looks like the leak is coming from the boot, that rubber part which looks like a coil, wear a pair of gloves before you inspect