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  1. One real good thing is the upgrade on the seats, it is made MUCH better has many breathing holes in them and seem to last a LOT longer than non coach editions. sorry folks, I didnt realize this was 2008 listing..
  2. 2 screws behind SW, one under, squeeze bottom and lift oft top, or reverse that, I forgot (i am 86)
  3. should be 3 screws, two behind the SW, and one on the bottom AND then 2 HOOKS, either squeeze, the bottom half and lift the top off OR squeeze the top and life the bottom off
  4. My 99 has 230++ and I got the "bad cat" note.. I found a 2000 ls, hit in the side with 117k, and bought the cats from him for 135$ shipped to Dallas, put them on and no more problems, that was last December...
  5. congratulations, and welcome to the club.. sounds good... my 99 also gave me a tail light out warning signal, and it was one of the package tray lights... If this was mine I would want to replace all the 20 year old fluids in it ALL, Here is my 99 it has 231K on it at present....
  6. I didn't either, but i did not want to show my ignorance, in case I should have known...
  7. I'm sorry you haven't received any help, or suggestions.. I can think of some things to try, but I dont believe you would know what I am talking about.. due to the condition of not starting, I would tell you to seek professional help, to see their comments first and relay the info to us, so we will have a clue. waiting....
  8. dont you guys have ebay up there?? Front Lower Control Arm RH RF Passenger Side for 95-00 Lexus LS400 Brand New 39.95 free shipping ? UK? 95-2000 ALL THE SAME
  9. if you are removing the battery, lower your windows just to be safe...
  10. this man can fixit for you jimlwalker@sbcglobal.net
  11. I have never heard of a relay causing the click sound, we always went for the solenoid.... makes me wonder if we done it wrong all these years..
  12. Craig this is the part he needs: Lexus Part No.: 75605-50030-H0 #250+ MOULDING SUB-ASSY, QUARTER OUTSIDE, RH Part DescriptionMoulding Sub-Assy, Quarter Outside, RH ManufacturerLexus. This genuine Lexus part is guaranteed by Lexus's factory warranty. Manufacturer's Notes This part is discontinued. It is no longer available for purchase. just follow your suggestion.......... bp
  13. as a NEW member, the FIRST thing you need to do is SEARCH other people's steering problems, this has been covered for years. there are even videos showing you how to fix it.. THEN if you dont understand, ask for help. a 5 cent garden hose washer will fix it (usually). see videos.. 2 screws to remove the covers, then 3 screws to remove the plate and you are looking at it.
  14. OK, you ask for advice, and you got mine. so now go and do what you want to do. I doubt you needed the gear, just a 5 cent garden hose washer.. if you would READ instead of just asking questions, you would know how to fix some of your items good luck...
  15. since it is a 91 model, I would try to buy the steering column out of another Lexus, watch Craigslist, for parting out.. there are several listed.
  16. OK, never mind , I got it all fixed... removed all the plastic housings on the right side, actually just used the air intake to swivel it up out of the way, and removed the bolt holding the OCV in its chamber, slid it up and washed it out with WD40 top clean it out, reassembled it and went for a drive, and in less than a mile the lights went out and it was running like always.... not a bad days work for a almost 85 year old guy... of course I am very tired and will expect much pain tomorrow, but it didnt cost anything but work.. and I didnt know I could do it.. MLK closures forced me into action... Oh I did split one vacuum hose that I will need to replace (it is too short to trim down). Below is my old shop I owned for 30 years.... I retired in 96, at 62 years old, and that was 23 years ago...
  17. ok, I have a 99ls, bought in early 2010, I wrapped my alternator in a clorex bottle and it has been working for 7 years now
  18. you are right. they go in the "POCKET" on the doors as a trim panel at the top.. glue them in..
  19. P1354 code.Error Code P1354: Variable Valve Timing System Malfunction Bank 2 CEL light came on with check vhc.. and it started running rough.
  20. I will put an end to this mystery..... these are the trim finish panels that fit the "hole" in all 4 doors, you cant see them, but your fingers feel them when you use the opening to close the door.... they seem to fit 95-2000
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