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  1. sha4000

    '92 LS400, Maybe it's haunted ?

    I suggest that you put some dye in there to find the leak. AC issues can get very expensive don't keep guessing on this one.
  2. sha4000

    Bad cluster, ECU or something else?

    Sorry to hear about the tach.
  3. sha4000

    Bad cluster, ECU or something else?

    Great, let us know how it goes.
  4. sha4000

    '92 LS400, Maybe it's haunted ?

    This is a good read.
  5. sha4000

    '92 LS400, Maybe it's haunted ?

    Have you tried changing the IACV and making sure you have no vacuum leaks?
  6. sha4000

    '92 LS400, Maybe it's haunted ?

    It's worth a try and cheap enough to do if you know how to solder. Let us know what happens.
  7. sha4000

    '92 LS400, Maybe it's haunted ?

    The caps in your ecu might be bad and the junkyard one could also be bad. This seems to be a common issue with the early 400s as they age. Check this thread out and determine if this is the road you want to go down.
  8. sha4000

    Valves Interfering Or Not?

    Definitely interference.
  9. sha4000

    Been sitting, cranks but won’t start

    Maybe your using a valet key which does not start the car. Can you post a pic?
  10. I doubt many cars have the updated ECU If you do try a junkyard make sure the part numbers match up.
  11. I did not think they would change mine either. The key is to call corporate first and get the approval. Then you van go into the dealership.
  12. Check out my thread on the code P0715.
  13. Hopefully those work out and you report back with a success story.
  14. I think you got everything covered. You can change the PCV valve too if that has not been done but I think the knock sensors are the problem. Maybe they were disconnected when you went in the first time. I have yet to change them on my car and it has 240k on it. I seriously thought about it when I changed the starter though.
  15. sha4000

    speedometer calibration

    Are you sure it's the rims and not the cluster itself? Did you remount the OEM rims to see if the the speedometer goes back to normal?