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  1. sha4000

    2009 ls460

    Before looking into another transmission I would do a drain and fill of the transmission pan while making sure there are no leaks. Also make sure the fluid level is correct.
  2. sha4000

    460 SEL Hesitation

    I know I'm late but I'm glad you got everything worked out.
  3. sha4000

    Long time no post !!!

    Still a few of us around though I upgraded to a 430 then 460L I still have the 98 that stays parked most of the time.
  4. sha4000

    Problem with alternator

    Yes the old alternator probably damaged the battery.
  5. We'll be waiting for you when you check back.
  6. Sorry to hear that, try to take it easy and get yourself back together.
  7. sha4000

    Oh no, not another alternator ...

    This is the problem. The autozone alternators must be crap and they know it.
  8. Just a guess but maybe it's the Autozone alternator. I would of at the very least tried a Denso from rockauto.
  9. sha4000

    Oh no, not another alternator ...

    Why did this alternator go bad?
  10. sha4000

    Check VSC

    I don't know if it would change anything but I would def get the proper battery for the car. A weak battery can cause havoc in these cars sometimes.
  11. Things do happen coincidentally sometimes. Why not just purchase a used cam sensor and see what happens.
  12. sha4000

    Power steering and smoking

    Glad it worked out.
  13. Good for you nice car.