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  1. Let us know how it works out and your wewlcome.
  2. I would try changing out the solenoid which should not cost that much if you can do it yourself and changing the filter while your in there. With that many miles the only answers that you will get is to rebuild the tranny.
  3. Look up H & R , Eibach or Swift lowering springs for your car. These will lower the car about 1 to 2 inches and give you a stiffer ride. I can't tell you the dimensions of the stock springs.
  4. I really don't understand what you mean by " Sampers heat "
  5. Billy answered in your original thread. 95-00 control arms fit your car.
  6. I'm glad you figured things out.Good detective work.
  7. I have not owned a car with a distributor in a long time but that would not normally be part of the timing belt job. That's more in line with doing a tune up.
  8. Did you make sure that the cam and crank sensors are plugged in? When you say " Does not crank " what do you actually mean? Is the engine turning but just will not start? Lastly are there any codes?
  9. It's flashing because you need to read the AC trouble codes. Check out this thread to show you how to read the codes.
  10. I used a crow foot ratchet set.
  11. Good thing it was just the relay.Glad your back on the road.
  12. Welcome to the club. First you need to check and make sure the battery is good. If it's good then with that amount of miles it's a good bet that the starter has died.
  13. I knew the LS 500 felt smaller when I sat in it but almost the same size as a Camry is just a shame.
  14. If it's at a Lexus dealer I doubt it's a flood car.