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  1. Free access to toyota tis

    It took me the WHOLE 2 days to download the service manual for my LS 460.
  2. Seat Belt Sticky--Easy To Replace?

    Maybe you can ry cleaning them. This is a common issue as these cars age. Mines are weak as well.
  3. He has not logged in since 2012 so I doubt he will respond.
  4. Free access to toyota tis

    I downloaded the whole manual.
  5. 92 LS400 flashing AC button light

    I could not find anything more specific on that code.
  6. 92 LS400 flashing AC button light

    YW just let us know the end result.
  7. 92 LS400 flashing AC button light

    Try this out.
  8. Android car stereo

    I think it's nice to have?
  9. doors not locking remotely

    We need more info. Are you sure the fob battery is not dying?
  10. Front Defroster issues

    The defroster is part of the HVAC for the front windshield. For the rear window there's an electrical strip that heats it up. So which window are you having problems with? This actually sounds like a bad alternator from your description.
  11. Free access to toyota tis

    It's not free you can pay $15 for 2 day access which should be well worth it in your case.
  12. 1992 Starter Replacement

    I did not have an issue billy, I was responding to the previous poster.