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  1. Glad you got it sorted out. I've been busy with a heater core change the last couple of weeks.
  2. Sorry to hear about the accident but I'm glad that your ok. Also congrats on the new to you 98.
  3. Check the AC for codes, One of the servos that control the doors might be bad.
  4. Do you have a check engine light on? If so this is how you chack for codes.
  5. You need to provide a better pic with surrounding parts in the area to give us some context so we can better assist you,
  6. Maybe the transmission mount is worn out or the plate that connects the shift knob to the transmission is loose.
  7. Running the car out of fuel will wear out the pump whether intentional or not. The gas helps to keep the pump cool and when there's no gas the pump can overheat. The car is 25 years old and if it's on the original pump it might be due for a change. Changing the pump is not that hard. you just have to pop up the bottom rear seat cushion by pulling up hard on each end and it snaps out. Then take off the bottom bolts to the seat back. there are also hidden bolts behind the headrests that are covered by flaps then you have access to the gas tank. the pump itself is not that expensive.
  8. If the cats are glowing then they are working overtime to burn the unburnt fuel. The misfires are probably the culprit sending too much unburnt fuel into the cats.
  9. The 98-00 have an OCV on each head. Sometimes you can clean them and the codes go away but you will eventually have to change the problem one out.
  10. If it keeps running most likely there is a leak in the bags or lines.
  11. There is a fix on the web for the warning message. Just Google those exact words that the message reads and it should come up.
  12. I'll see if I can find one for you.
  13. I would take it back the the dealer as long as it's within the warranty window and ask them to correct the issue. First you can try the solution posted in this thread.