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  1. No problem, when you get a car and if you have any questions or issues just come back here and we will try to help you out.
  2. This is not the forum to buy or sell cars. I suggest you search through the vast resources that sites like Edmund, Kelly blue book, cargurus, craigslist and Facebook marketplace have to offer to find a good deal.
  3. Did you check the washer fluid? It could also be a bad door switch or seatbelt chime.
  4. A transmission shop will always want to rebuild them. Unless you have some diagnostic skills your at their mercy. At least make sure they replace the rear main seal and take them pan off to check the filter as well as the fluid in the used JDM unit.
  5. I've checked my bushings while back there and they seem to be ok. The rear doesn't do as much work as the front so I guess they last longer and by the time they need to be addressed most ppl have moved on from the car.
  6. I hear you but that light in the dash would annoy the heck out of me. Can you pass an inspection with the light on?
  7. Take your car to a better mechanic, none of those issues would lead me to believe that your car is ready for the junkyard. I suggest you get a second opinion.
  8. What codes did the mechanical get from the car? Does the starter spin went trying to start or is there complete silence? Does the horn work? The items that your mechanic replace should not prevent the car from starting but if something is amiss with the security system it would. Make sure the battery is fully charged and that all doors are locked. Then arm the system and make sure the key fob is not within 15 feet. Open the doors and try to start the car.
  9. Is your check engine light on? Your car should be throwing some error codes and that would be a good place to start. Have you checked the transmission fluid level?
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