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  1. Is your check engine light on? This could be a transmission issue. How does your transmission look?
  2. If you are going to change the fluid and filter I would just change that filter so you don't have to pay to remove the transmission pan twice if the code is still there. Check out this thread it's a GS but uses the same tranny. Also i'm attaching some files to guide you if you want to change the solenoid.
  3. Do you have a particular question about the code? That's a camshaft position sensor code.
  4. I don't know of any specific models the read airbag codes but autozone reads the codes for free so i would try them first and see what they say. Techstream can read all the ECU codes in the car if you can manage to get it running on a laptop.
  5. With that many miles I would just change the distributor just to be sure before
  6. If it's the speed sensor that's a known issue that Lexus put a TSB out for years ago. I was able to get a new ECU for free in 2014.
  7. The motor should not have anything to do with the light.
  8. As old as these cars are you are going to have some creaks and rattles.
  9. Glad you got it sorted out. I've been busy with a heater core change the last couple of weeks.
  10. Sorry to hear about the accident but I'm glad that your ok. Also congrats on the new to you 98.
  11. Check the AC for codes, One of the servos that control the doors might be bad.
  12. Do you have a check engine light on? If so this is how you chack for codes.
  13. You need to provide a better pic with surrounding parts in the area to give us some context so we can better assist you,
  14. Maybe the transmission mount is worn out or the plate that connects the shift knob to the transmission is loose.