Potential service problems 2007 SC430

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Looking for advice from longer term Lexus owners regarding incidental findings upon replacing a battery in my 2007 SC430 with 18000 miles, and in beautiful shape and has no other service issues.

The radiator was found to have a small leak with coolant along the lower seam, and there was the additional timing belt and water pump replacement recommendation, even though the car is low mileage, since the car is 11 years old.  Would you tackle all 3 items at once just because the mechanic is in there, or just fix the current but not acute problem, which is the radiator?  

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    • By guydlow
      Hello My engine and trac off lights have been on for several months (code 71 came up) and I have not noticed any problems until the other day. I started the car (95 sc300) and it seemed to hesitate, and then ran normal for a couple miles until the check engine light started to flash and the car died. I'm wondering if just an EGR issue would cause the engine to shut off, or if anyone thinks it's possibly a timing issue (maybe starting the car caused enough of a rattle to mess up the old belt?) but like I said, it started kinda rough, ran fine for a couple of miles, and the CEL light flashed and it died. I'm wondering if it's more likely a timing issue, egr issue, or perhaps both? Could a timing issue show up as code 71?  Thank you!
    • By datarecovery
      This is a new car to me that I bought with the no start engine. Only 42000 miles since last timing belt change . Here's what I found when I opened it up.
      Several bolts on water pump  housing were loose. Alternator lower bolt was broken. The tensioner pulley was completely  broken apart so I don't have any pictures of that . Water pump shaft was bent and water composed inoperative. That's why the coloring on the water pump pulley is shows discoloring from the Heat. Who knows what happened in terms of the sequence....
      Anyone ever see this on a Lexus? I've had 10 Lexus before, worked as a mechanic 30 years, and I've never seen this before.

    • By datarecovery
      Selling to highest bidder on eBay. I suppose it is appropriate to post here:
      It has been a good car. Rebuilt ECU according the LSCowboy and Yamae recommended capacitors. Shifts like a dream.
      New transmission mount and timing belt and water pump done this past week 8/20/17.
      Leather as seen in pics but I just found an exact car with nicer leather seats also 110K, that I can give you that info if you are interested.
      If interested in this car please reach me at 781-449-9990. I and the car are located in Sarasota Florida. Always has been a Florida car.

    • By AZcelsior
      Hey everyone, 1st post on this site because I need some serious help. I tackled the timing belt this weekend and am ready to install the new t-belt, but the cams moved on me. How can I move them back and where is TDC for this engine? Is it at the 50 degree mark or at the "T" mark? I've managed to confuse myself and want to be 100% sure as this is a critical procedure.. Thanks
    • By rtd111
      94 SC400 185K miles (Non interference engine)
      Sorry could not find much in this forum or the web about this so apologies in case I missed a similar case.
      My mechanic just told me that I have bent valves. Before I go into the history, a simple question:
      - what are the conditions, other than perhaps a timing belt issue, under which valves get bent? Any and all ideas welcome (goes without saying, but theories need to be backed by mechanically defensive reasoning and data :-) ).
      Car was parked for over two weeks (occasional use for 1-2 months prior to that - driven less than 1000 miles in this time frame). No engine / mechanical problems with the car before this. On starting, heard a clunky, metal sound and car would not start I was not the one that experienced this. My mistake was not cranking the engine when I got to the car (to limit damage) and started the following .... I knew the car was overdue for a timing belt (last change was at 75K miles). I had even contemplated ordering TB parts a week prior to this incident (I did the TB work on my LS400 a couple years ago) I assumed it is the timing belt, so started disassembly while I ordered the parts I saw that the timing belt was ok (not broken, but it had quite a bit of wear). I did not think about checking slippage or such. I just assumed since it hadn't split, it wasn't the issue that caused the car to not start (default action of the non-interference engine). So I figured that something else could have gone wrong. After some research and discussing with the person that experienced (2), I suspected that it might be the starter. So I started disassembling to get to it (you can read in this forum or on the Internet what a massive PITA that is). Well, this work ran over 3-4 weeks because I work away from where the car was, could only do this on the weekend, and I was soon to leave on a 25-day international trip So I reached out to a mechanic that we've had good experience with (on a non-Lexus) and towed the car to him. (BTW, I had meticulously organized the disassembly which he greatly appreciated but assured me that even if I had taken the parts in a box, he can handle it, given he was doing this for 35+ years. He also knew some of the nuances of the car, saying he owned a Lexus himself. Basically, he gave me confidence). While I was away, he put together the new starter, reassembled the manifold, etc etc as well as the timing belt/waterpump/rotors/plugs/etc. However he reported that the car would not start He said he did a compression test and 3 of the cylinders came up low, and he assessed that the values are bent. He couldn't tell me what would have caused this. So,
      - can you tell if this was this the problem in the first place?
      - OR, was the timing belt not done right causing a timing issue leading to the valves to be bent? is it even possible with a non-interference engine?
      The cost to do the valves is quoted at $2K. (The starter, TB and related labor was $800 -- reasonable I believe.) 
      Is it worth doing the valves or is it time to junk this beauty?
      Thanks in advance for any feedback or guidance.