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  1. Looking for advice from longer term Lexus owners regarding incidental findings upon replacing a battery in my 2007 SC430 with 18000 miles, and in beautiful shape and has no other service issues. The radiator was found to have a small leak with coolant along the lower seam, and there was the additional timing belt and water pump replacement recommendation, even though the car is low mileage, since the car is 11 years old. Would you tackle all 3 items at once just because the mechanic is in there, or just fix the current but not acute problem, which is the radiator?
  2. Hello, I'm a new user and a first poster; please forgive any format errors. I recently installed the 2010 DVD Nav update disc purchased from local dealer in my 2008 RX350. All is good with regard to streets, but now the map view has become the default screen. For example, if we are viewing the map, then choose to look at the audio menu by pressing the audio button, the radio info only stays on screen for 15 seconds or so, then reverts back to the map. Same with trip info screen. Can we program this to keep the chosen screen, whatever it is, active until the next driver or passenger initiated command? Couldn't find any help in the Nav instruction book for this. My memory is that the old version didn't do this. Thanks.