1995 LS400 113K Florida White New Timing Belt H2O pump Newer 75K tires

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Selling to highest bidder on eBay. I suppose it is appropriate to post here:

It has been a good car. Rebuilt ECU according the LSCowboy and Yamae recommended capacitors. Shifts like a dream.

New transmission mount and timing belt and water pump done this past week 8/20/17.

Leather as seen in pics but I just found an exact car with nicer leather seats also 110K, that I can give you that info if you are interested.

If interested in this car please reach me at 781-449-9990. I and the car are located in Sarasota Florida. Always has been a Florida car.

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR 110.JPG

1995 LS400 Interior Front.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR driver seat edge.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Bolster.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Passenger Front Seat DamageA.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR VIN Plate.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Stereo Face.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Missing Cupholder.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Ashtray.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Rust spot Antenna.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Rust spot roof.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Underneath rear.jpg

1995 ls400 R rear seat.jpg

185 ls400 RF seatA.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side Driver Seat.jpg

1995 LS400 RF SideX.jpg

1995 LS400 R Side.jpg

1995 LS400 Rear right side.jpg

1995 LS400 Rear right.jpg

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      So, someone tried to break into my car and left my passenger side window in shambles and while looking for a new window, I discovered a 1999 model at U-Pull. Now this wouldn't be an issue if my car was a 1999, but it's a 1990. I'm wondering if the passenger window on that LS400 is compatible with my 1990 LS400.

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    • By 914lps
      My 1991 LS400 is having a cooling issue.put new radiator on two months ago. All was good after that.
      Now when car has engine on and I'm not moving like when parked or in traffic the engine temp slowly starts to climb up.
      ehen I give it gas and start to move, at fist there is another small jump in temp but in a short distance the temp goes down to where it should be. Until I'm at a stop. Then it start going up again.
      No loss of coolant. Mechanical engine fan is working.
      I'm thinking either water pump is acting up or it is the electric fans.
      I'm leaning to it being the fans. How can I see if they are on and how do I check them?
      Where is the fuse for the fans? Where is the temperature sensor switch?
      How do I go about figuring if it is the fans and why they are not coming on (if in fact I find they are not coming on)?
      As always I thank all of you!
    • By SvpremeKai
      Hello everyone! I’m pretty new here, and before I ask my question, yes I’ve been throughout forums seeking answers and have tried a few things but now I feel as though I need advice. 
      Recently grabbed a ‘93 LS400 that’s been misfiring. I just had the alternator and belt tensioner replaced but the car did stall out on me due to very rough and low idle. Check engine code comes up for the mass air flow sensor and TPS, both of which were replaced and recently adjusted by my mechanic. I had heard that if the catalytic converters were glowing red that means that they were possibly clogged, possibly oil in the cylinders leaking(?). I’m not sure, I’m fairly new to these vehicles in general. 
      One thing to keep note of is, the check engine light is illuminated. When I give the car gas it shows major power loss, however halfway thru second gear the car starts to pickup/ maintain speed and the check engine light goes away. Once I come to a stop, or even let off the gas for a bit the CEL comes back. Complete stop brings the rough idle back. I did read that the ignition coils could be to blame as well. I changed the one dead center in the engine, but not the second one by the battery.
      My question is should I be weary of the cats? My plan was the yank them and simply straight pipe the car on back. However efficiency is all I want now considering I haven’t had time to even enjoy the car since I purchased it 😟 
      1993 LS400 
      188,114 Miles