1995 LS400 113K Florida White New Timing Belt H2O pump Newer 75K tires

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Selling to highest bidder on eBay. I suppose it is appropriate to post here:

It has been a good car. Rebuilt ECU according the LSCowboy and Yamae recommended capacitors. Shifts like a dream.

New transmission mount and timing belt and water pump done this past week 8/20/17.

Leather as seen in pics but I just found an exact car with nicer leather seats also 110K, that I can give you that info if you are interested.

If interested in this car please reach me at 781-449-9990. I and the car are located in Sarasota Florida. Always has been a Florida car.

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR 110.JPG

1995 LS400 Interior Front.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR driver seat edge.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Bolster.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Passenger Front Seat DamageA.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR VIN Plate.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Stereo Face.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Missing Cupholder.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Ashtray.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Rust spot Antenna.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Rust spot roof.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Underneath rear.jpg

1995 ls400 R rear seat.jpg

185 ls400 RF seatA.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side Driver Seat.jpg

1995 LS400 RF SideX.jpg

1995 LS400 R Side.jpg

1995 LS400 Rear right side.jpg

1995 LS400 Rear right.jpg

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      I own a 1999 Lexus ls400. This is my first car that I got from my uncle. It has 400,000+ miles on it, and it’s just generally beat up. 2 weeks ago, the car stopped running. I had just parked it the night before and woke up to have it not even turn over. When I turn the key, I hear a click inside the engine compartment, but that’s it. There’s power to all the lights and everything else turns on. The starter will sometimes actually move as if it wants to turn over, but only for a second or two. Does anyone have any idea as to what’s wrong with it?
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      Hello My engine and trac off lights have been on for several months (code 71 came up) and I have not noticed any problems until the other day. I started the car (95 sc300) and it seemed to hesitate, and then ran normal for a couple miles until the check engine light started to flash and the car died. I'm wondering if just an EGR issue would cause the engine to shut off, or if anyone thinks it's possibly a timing issue (maybe starting the car caused enough of a rattle to mess up the old belt?) but like I said, it started kinda rough, ran fine for a couple of miles, and the CEL light flashed and it died. I'm wondering if it's more likely a timing issue, egr issue, or perhaps both? Could a timing issue show up as code 71?  Thank you!
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      I’ve read that on SC400 the power steering can leak into the intake causing the smoke. And the reason this is happening is the idle air control value is faulty. Is this correct?
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      Looking for advice from longer term Lexus owners regarding incidental findings upon replacing a battery in my 2007 SC430 with 18000 miles, and in beautiful shape and has no other service issues.
      The radiator was found to have a small leak with coolant along the lower seam, and there was the additional timing belt and water pump replacement recommendation, even though the car is low mileage, since the car is 11 years old.  Would you tackle all 3 items at once just because the mechanic is in there, or just fix the current but not acute problem, which is the radiator?  
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      Recently, I noticed that power steering has been making a ton of whining noise when I turn the steering wheel. After topping off the power steering reservoir with the Dextron ATF fluid, I checked the surrounding near the reservoir, there was no signs of leakage. With reservoir at correct level, the power steering would behave normally again. But that was short-lasted as fluid level would drop again.
      I ended up getting on my knee at the driver side (not passenger side), and noticed a ton of oil leak. I used my hand to touch the fluid and noticed that it is indeed the power steering fluid. I took a photo, but can anyone shed the light on what component may be at fault on the driver side? I thought the PS pump is on the passenger side. I haven't jacked up the car to take a better look yet, but I will do it soon.
      Note: the attached photo was taken on the driver side near the driver side front wheel