1995 LS400 113K Florida White New Timing Belt H2O pump Newer 75K tires

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Selling to highest bidder on eBay. I suppose it is appropriate to post here:

It has been a good car. Rebuilt ECU according the LSCowboy and Yamae recommended capacitors. Shifts like a dream.

New transmission mount and timing belt and water pump done this past week 8/20/17.

Leather as seen in pics but I just found an exact car with nicer leather seats also 110K, that I can give you that info if you are interested.

If interested in this car please reach me at 781-449-9990. I and the car are located in Sarasota Florida. Always has been a Florida car.

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR 110.JPG

1995 LS400 Interior Front.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR driver seat edge.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Bolster.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Passenger Front Seat DamageA.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR VIN Plate.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Stereo Face.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Missing Cupholder.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Ashtray.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Rust spot Antenna.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Rust spot roof.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side FLORIDA CAR Underneath rear.jpg

1995 ls400 R rear seat.jpg

185 ls400 RF seatA.jpg

1995 LS400 LF Side Driver Seat.jpg

1995 LS400 RF SideX.jpg

1995 LS400 R Side.jpg

1995 LS400 Rear right side.jpg

1995 LS400 Rear right.jpg

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