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  1. I understand YOU completely, with bad paint, I would sell Soon too.. glad no one was hurt..
  2. TRY THIS: but try it at your own risk,, they have had many complaints AND some "thank yous " get your issue settled read:
  3. NO and I hope you are doing the timing belt and other bearings in the front of your engine.. what part of Florida are you in? did the storm get to you??
  4. NOTE all trannys are not the same but maybe these charts will give you some directions;
  5. mine has now been 7 plus years and starts like about 4 years, I'll start worrying... car looks good tho...
  6. 1999 LS400 dash trim panel below AC vents see photo mine is discolored ..
  7. I agree with Paul, Adus is all that is out there,, and I hate poly.. mine is a 99 with 216k and I would like to redo mine also.. I look for low mileage 98-2000 that have been hit in front and try to get rear suspension parts... keep us up to date..
  8. 98 & up have more teeth than the older ones.... do your homework FIRST..
  9. here was my engine mounts... THINK IT OVER
  10. People, people, people, I CANT even imagine some one with ONLY one key to their Lexus, your FIRST purchase SHOULD be to buy a second... (cost is no reason to not have one)... IF you cant afford one dont buy the car.... what ever happens is something YOU have already accepted ..... GO and buy a second one today... I hope I never see another post like this one...
  11. his post says 1998, my 99 does not hiss....
  12. check your drive shaft cushions, differential mounts and ALL your rear suspension (and I dont mean to just LOOK at them) prize around on them like they are going 75mph. You might look on club lexus for 98 LS400 severe rear vibration
  13. on the drivers side valve cover. only thing on it with a hose connected
  14. thanks Craig that might be just the encouragement he needs to finish.
  15. the 4 actual photos are for a 95-97 LS the other two are your motor.. you can turn the cams back to where they were before they jumped (do not make a 360 cycle) and follow Landars guide. you should be ok IF landar said 50, thats fine make sure all three marks are in alignment
  16. stop and read before you start turning those cams or you will ruin your engine there are many write up on this... YOU were supposed to read THEM, not just jump in and and hollar help... start reading and ask good questions
  17. you dont give us enough info to help you... you should have read up on this so you could at least given us the movements and HOW you removed the items
  18. Well it is hard to get old, you dont remember what questions you have asked, like "has it had any paint work?" yes that is why the miles are so low, it was in an accident and set up while legal battles were solved. ok, I dont think I want your car..
  19. well I am going to look at a one owner 1998 LS400 Saturday (if it has not sold) this is it also these photos show it
  20. for trouble free driving, I like the 96, we drove 430's and was not pleased.. just stayed with 99's (we have had 5 99's) only one now, 213k bought in car I've ever had. here it is:
  21. probably is a super car, 95-97 were the strongest ever built, but I love the soft ride of 98-2000 myself, I have owned 5,6,& 7's along with a 94, and if your $$ will reach, do it, if not try to get him lower... personally I would not worry about timing belt , the 94 I bought had 235k on the engine before the original belt broke (made $$ on that one). just start doing the 2 qt tranny change every oil change, many do this..... check for PS leaks on Alt.... (ls weakness) ...if you get it show some photos, these were some of mine............