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  1. Selling 4 used stock wheels and tires from my LS400. These must go like yesterday. Only asking $150, local pickup only (DC, MD, VA area)
  2. I do however wonder how does it get reprogrammed to have the correct mileage and etc.
  3. I see. Yes I called the dealer to confirm yesterday and the part they gave was the computer meter plate that is essentially a part of the instrument cluster. Lexus Part No.: 83277-50190 PLATE,COMPUTER METER CIRCUIT NO.1 Might as well purchase the entire cluster vs. Paying $1300 just for the circuit board.
  4. This is what the dealer explained to me as the fix. Informed that my fuel gauge is reading more gas than what is actually in the tank, thus I have been driving with far less gas frequently impacting the fuel pump. They replaced the fuel pump and identified the issue at that time. The entire gauge cluster would need to be replaced to fix the issue with the fuel reading.
  5. I just picked up my Lexus from the service department for a fuel pump replacement. Service informed me the root cause was due to a faulty fuel sensor. The part is said to be the entire instrument cluster (all gauges). I was quoted a cost to repair for roughly $1500 of which the labor was roughly $150 or so. Means the part is one very expensive part. I was not provided the part number. Can any provide me the oem part number and/or someone selling at a good price? I am not looking to fork over that much cash 💰 All help will be greatly appreciated!
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