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  1. Thanks! Was just verifying haha got the job done and runs smooth it was just my first time doing a timing belt
  2. I got it on I'm using a mitsuboshi belt but everything lined up with the marks and after two turns of the crank
  3. Put on the timing belt and lined up both cams and the crank with the belt and I've turned it by the crank bolt multiple times and it won't line back up with the belt the marks stay correct though. Is this ok? Or does this mean I need to readjust?
  4. Trying to replace my timing belt and it won't go over both of the cams and the crank. I'm afraid to try and stretch it because I don't want to damage it, and this is without the tensioner piston released. Also is it easier to move the cams to the exact spot I want with the spark plugs out or does that not matter?