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Found 35 results

  1. vissine

    Transmission problem?

    Hi, last few days, when I started up my car, I heard the noise sound like from the transmission area, but the car worked fine. I didn't realize that was a warning sign. Today, when I drove it the RPM was up to 3000 but the car didn't move as it should, It felt like slipping. Turn off the engine and started up again, then I could drive up to 40 mph with 2nd gear. A few years back, I had a similar problem and it was a dirty filter and worked after I changed the fluid. Since it's been just 10k from my previous flush, I think clogging up filter now does not make sense. Do you have any experience about this? I do not think the fluid is low since it covers the hot mark when the engine is at hot. I searched for transmission pump but couldn't find anything. Nearest dealership is about 2 hours away so taking it there is out of option. Do you think AAMCO can handle Lexus LS400? Can Toyota dealer repair it? For Lexus transmission, I do not like to take it to Mr. "fix any car" mechanic
  2. Recently purchased an RX-300 AWD. 208K Miles. Just had Timing Belt/Water Pump/Plugs/VVT Servo Valves changed. It runs great (other than the world's most annoying sunroof rattle...but that is for a different thread). BUT....It has a very odd transmission problem. Only when it is very cold, it is hard to shift the transmission out of the Park position. It acts like there is a solenoid or a release valve after you push the shift button. You have to fiddle with it for about 15-20 seconds then it shifts out of park. Once warmed up even 5 minutes and for the rest of the day, it shifts in and out of park perfectly. Trans is otherwise acting absolutely fine...and yes, I plan to have it flushed by the area's top transmission shop and have them install a new ATP B187 trans filter I purchased.
  3. I just wanted to say before i continue, I'm 21, Female and this is my first car I've owned for about 3 years ( not that any of this is really important)I'm starting to want to learn more about cars and how to fix my own problems and save money instead of relying on a mechanic. So far I have repaired my busted front bumper, repaired and replaced R headlight housing and bulb, and Replaced an 02 censor. I'm having issues with my transmission shifting gears in cold weather, but it runs like a dream in the summer. This was a problem last winter but wasn't as bad. Before, while accelerating and merging over on high-way, it wouldn't use the 4th gear at first but then it would shift gears after driving for a bit. Does the same problem now, but won't change gears at all or takes 10 mins+ to shift itself. sometimes has issues shifting 2nd gear to 3rd. es300 is 206xxx miles, 1999 model, and the transmission was rebuilt July 2016. I'm afraid this might have something to do with the previous failing but i want to try and fix the issue myself but can't figure out why this is happening or where to start. Coolant meter is always where it should be, oil is changed religiously, 02 sensor bank 1 sensor 2 needs to be replaced. 4000 rmp at 75mph... (o/d drive is not on). Sometimes when braking hard or getting off high way, doesn't accelerate as it should, almost as if it skips 2nd gear. Accelerating 1st to 2nd at stops goes back to normal if I restart engine. Over all, why is this happening and how can I fix it? Only happens during cold temperatures below 40.
  4. Hi, I've recently noticed that the transmission disengages going down hill, and then going up hill it engages again.... Has anyone heard of this before? Thanks!
  5. Car stuck in 3rd gear and stuck in limp mode. Had an initial torque converter problem May have been fixed with SL1 and TCC solenoid replacement. But still stuck in 3rd with a new code went from p2757 to P2714 and still have P0761. Might also happen with a 2006 GS300 with A960E transmission Has anyone had this issue or ever get a TCM or ECU calibration update?
  6. Is250 2006 150K RWD A960E Transmission Started with Transmission Codes after a dealer CSP of carbon cleaning. These two incidents could be completely unrelated. But then again there is evidence of other users with similar instances. Initial problems was Torque Converter Problem / VSC which transformed into my car getting stuck in 3rd gear and not going to the higher gears. RPM will be very high. This might be called a limp or safe mode to allow the car to drive. Codes P2757 and P0761 After much reading . I changed TCC and SLU solenoids along with a ATF filter and fluid change. Enough to get the color to change from black to something more red. Parts 35210-50010 (SL1/TCC) and 3528030050 (SLU) After the replacement car shifted smoother and the Torque converter code went away. But still not going out of 3rd sometimes. Code changed to P2714 and P0761 Solenoid C stuck off Iv checked the resistance of each solenoid and it was within the literature value of a certain Manuel or about 0.2 Ohms higher than high operating value. I thought this was ok? As the new part I got for the TCC was also 0.2 higher. I also used techstream to command each solenoid to perform. In most cases I can hear a faint sound when each is activated. Wish it has the pressure value of each solenoid ( I couldn’t find it on my version of TS) The only other steps outside of a new transmission would be ( none of which were said to be a definitive solution) Change transmission wire? ( how would one check this to know if its ok?) Replace Solenoid C 3524050030 Replace SLT 3529034010 Update Calibrations for transmission ( My dealer will not offer this said it won’t do anything) Does anyone have experience with these issues or have a solution?
  7. deremley

    Delayed Engagement

    I have a 2002 rx300 fwd, and I know I am late to the game, but like just about everyone that has posted here, I also had the same problem and (thanks to many of you) the same solution. I had the filter replaced, system drained, new ATF added and everything worked out great (especially saving the 5k on a new transmission). This was about 2000 miles ago (135k miles on the car). This past weekend I drove to DC from Pittsburgh and back with no problems what-so-ever, until I pulled onto my street and all of a sudden the car jerked and the rpms shot way up but the car didn't really move (I think it would go about 25pmh while at 5000rpms), like it did just before it quit completely and before I had the filter/fluid replaced. Thinking that maybe the filter was clogged again I replaced filter/fluid a second time. I should note that the fluid looked like it the day I put it in - still very red and hardly anything in the filter. Now here is the new issue - when you put the car into drive or reverse there is (what my mechanic calls) a delayed engagement. That is to say, after a few seconds the car will finally move. If you push too hard on the accelerator the car will jerk hard and then engage. If you are very easy on the accelerator, if doesn't jerk, but still takes time to engage. Once the car is moving, however, everything is seemingly great. I took it for a test drive on the highway, once I merged into traffic and had the car going about 35mpg it shifted very smoothly. Its just went it idles that it drops out of gear and then has the delayed engagement. My mechanic suggested that it might be the gear pump in the transmission itself, that is failing, and that it is not building up enough pressure when first put into D or R. Any thoughts or guidance here would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I've a 99 Lexus ES 300 that has an automatic transmission. I would like to convert it to manual shift - i.e. use the existing auto transmission, but shift it manually, by switching on/off the solenoids. I am new to working on transmissions, so please advise if it is possible. I got to know that Solenoid 1 and 2 are switched on/off when gears are changed. eg: 1st gear Solenoid 1 is ON and solenoid 2 is OFF, for O/D both are OFF etc. However, my car has 5 solenoids - SL1, SL2, SLT, DSL and S4 (I'll try to attach the diagram here). Is Solenoid 1 and 2 the same as SL1 and SL2? Will I need to control the other solenoids if I have to shift manually? Should I take care of anything else?
  9. jeanf

    1993 Lexus LS400

    Hello, Just posted my 1993 Lexus LS400 last night to Craig's List. It saddens me to have to give up the car. Please see add with description of what went wrong and looking to sell to a Lexus afficanado who has the time and enjoys bringing back to life this beauty of a car. 158,000 miles White w/Black leather interior $700. Needs Transmission (more details at link) Please call (323) 462-0121 to make arrangements to see at mechanic facility in Hollywood, California (Santa Monica Blvd/Gower area)
  10. 2008 Lexus 460L Executive model, stopped blowing cold air suddenly earlier today. For the past week or so, it seemed like the car will get warm when not in motion say at a traffic light even when the AC was set to 65 deg but when in motion the AC would seem okay. Called my routine mechanic he said it may be a leak or an electrical problem. Any insights on this. Another thing I noticed for a few minutes just before the AC went out, the transmission seemed a little jerky and lagging, as in I pushed the accelerator but the car wouldn't respond. Not sure if there is a connection, but any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I own a 1996 Lexus ES300 with 180k miles on it. I bought it from a neighbor for $500 because he wanted it out of his driveway. His son used to drive it, but since the son purchased his own new car, there it sat. I test drove it and the car ran incredibly, the transmission shifted well and everything, but it had a check engine light, so I figured I could get to the bottom of it. I'd have to because the State of Virginia requires annual inspection. So I bought the car, did some research, bought an OBD II code reader and found a code P0773. I replaced the solenoids on the valve body, reassembled transmission and the code went away. VICTORY! Or so I thought until I put it the car in gear and nothing happened. What I discovered after taking the valve body back off is that I had torn just a corner of one of the valve body gaskets. Maybe this was the issue, so I order the gaskets online, install them and the A541e transmission comes to life. VICTORY! Once again, a premature celebration was quelled by shifting that was intermittent. Eventually, D, 1 & 2 wouldn't offer any response. Reverse would, but only after a little bit of a lull. I got the following codes when pressing the accelerator in drive: P1705(Direct Clutch Speed Circuit Fault) P0500(VSS MALFUNCTION) I was able to clear both codes and they haven't returned, but my trans still will only shift in reverse. I'm not sure how to proceed, so I thought I'd check in here for suggestions. If I have basically ruined the transmission somehow, I'm open to having it replaced or rebuilt, but I'd like to take this opportunity to learn something. I'd like to know what you'd do in a case like this, from grease monkeys to check would YOU proceed? Thanks for any and all responses.
  12. Hi, really like the club, thank you! I bought a 03 GX470, I LOVE IT! Had some maintenance done, its in incredible condition outside and in. From the records, the previous owner took very good care of it. HOWEVER, after I let my girlfriend driveit 1 time! The gear selector was very loose/sloppy and it didnt shift into gears like it did. No bit of resistance, or the feeling when changing gears. Coincidence? She is shorter, IDK if she used it as a handle, or if it broke/wore out. Anyone else have this issue? DIY fixes, suggestions? Any advice about this, or ANY suggestions about anything, would be appreciated! Thanks for a great club, I apologize if I did anything incorrect. Excited to read and learn all about the posts! THANK YOU!
  13. 2000 RX 300 - original owner, 143,000 miles, well maintained. Transmission replaced 125,000 miles when it just quit one day with no prior symptoms. Now (frequently) the check engine light goes on and off. Two incidents of loss of power while driving - had to pull over, then after a couple of minutes with car still in drive it was fine. Intermittent problem with failing to shift to higher gears. Mechanic has run the codes but can't seem to figure out what's up with it. Says to bring it in when it's doing it, but of course it rights itself before I can get it there.Reset codes and passed smog. Help!
  14. Well I've been reading threads about similar problems however I haven't come across transmission "slips" in cold weather only. The performance issue I encounter seems to only occur when the temp is about 40 and below. During summer months it rarely/doesn't occur. At one point, I had read that there is a sensor that, when temps are low, the sensor triggers the transmission to hold gears to a higher rpm to help warm the engine to operating temp. Not sure if this is part of the speed sensor's job or if it's different sensor. So here's the problem, and I have noted that this happens around reaching operating temp, and after the engine is warm, it won't happen. I'll be driving and the engine will rev like in neutral. It's like the trans disengages and it is not gear or speed dependent. i can be cruising slowly in 2nd or rolling down the highway at 60. The trans drops out of gear then it seems to "search" for the right gear. I have found that letting off the gas and giving the car a chance to "decide" usually works, at slower speeds I will manually shift down to get it to engage. Any help is appreciated.
  15. I have 2007 ES 350 with 145,000 miles. Last year started having transmission flares intermittently, couldn't duplicate at dealer. It went away completely for past 6-8 months and now started up again. My question is, is this symptom of a possible catestrophic failure or something I can live with so long as it is not happening often. Due to age of car I don't think I will keep more than another year and sure don't want to put money in it. I saw multiple posts about this problem but couldn't determine the severity of the problem or is it just a nuisance?
  16. I just bought my very first car a lexus gs 300 '93, It had a bad interior but I fixed that up but there a few things that worry me!!. 1.My car sounds like a truck down the road I mean its engine cooling fan is loud. 2.It jerks when I change gear. 3.I have a squeaky belt only when it idles 4. the hood wont stay up anymore and if there is anything that I can do my self that is relatively cheap ( i have most tools) please tell me I don't want the car to break down it has 200,000 miles on it. Thank you so much
  17. Battery in my 98 es300 died so I tried jump starting and accidently put negative onto positive.Replaced battery with new one,but having problems with most of my electricals.Lights work but other than that everything is dead.My cluster won't turn on,blinkers don't work,radio,ac,windows,locks,seats don't move,basically everything will not work.Also when I try to move car out of gear it will not budge.Car does not go past 3rd gear.Please help? Car was perfectly normal the day before.
  18. I have a 96 lexus es300 and I want to replace the transmission solenoid but I have no idea where it is. Any suggestions?
  19. My '94 Lexus has about 200,000 miles on it. The transmission generally works smoothly, but occasionally when I put it in gear, the car sort of jerks as the transmission engages. Once I am on the road, everything always works well. This issue is intermittent. Most of the time the transmission slips into gear smoothly. I checked the transmission oil level and all is well there. A friend mentioned having the transmission cables or linkage checked. He said they might need tightening. Can anyone tell me what is happening and how to resolve the issue?
  20. I have a 1995 LS 400 with 250K miles. It has been a great car. However, I am experiencing the stall problem after being on the expressway for 20 minutes or more (ECU). Also, I am experiencing a wine from the transmission, especially when the car is first started. I have had the transmission resealed twice. On the second re-sealing, I had to replace a step/kick down gear/motor. So, if you know a master mechanic that can replacethe ECM and is very competent on transmissions, please help. Appreciate your assistance. Ramon
  21. More shifting issues. 1999 RX300, 268,000 miles Starts, runs, shifts great until 6-8 miles from house. I let the car get to NOT before driving. Tranny shudders and shifts out of o/d when I accelerate for passing. Goes into 1st. I can manually shift into second and get home. Disconnect the battery for a while and it is fine until the 6-8 miles mark. Checked, cleaned and replaced all VSV, MAF, IACV, A/F, PCV, front oxygen sensor, Bank 1 Knock and connector in the past year. Complete plenum cleaning. Tested the vapor canister and related sensors. Checked and replace any bad vacuum hoses except what is above the fuel tank. Two new gas caps. Tranny flush and new filter. Seems like a ECM issue. Is reprogramming a possibility?
  22. Hi everyone, I found my car did not shift quite smooth in low speed so that I decided to change the transmission oil. Mine is a 1999 LS400 with 138k miles. Today I called the Lexus dealership and asked whether I can change transmission oil there. However, the person there told me that normally the car can change transmission oil for 100k miles but there was a risk of destroying transmission when the car was with such a high mileage. Therefore she did not want suggest me change the transmission oil. I just get confused that what potential damage to the transmission when changing oil.Also, what else I can do to make the transmission smoother under low speed. By the way, between 03'-04' GX470 and 04'-05' Land Cruiser, which one is better to consider? Thanks.
  23. So, my 2004 Lexus RX330 has 111,000 miles, and shortly after getting a routine oil change + brake pads replaced, the VSC light and check engine light came on, followed by the car shifting very hard between 2nd and 3rd gear. By the time I got home, the car was stuck in 2nd, and the transmission blown. :(( Apparently I need a completely new transmission. Is this common at this point for this vehicle??? Is it worth repairing and continuing to drive the vehicle? As a total side note, I recently began taking it to a non-dealer mechanic for repairs (i.e. oil change, timing belt replacement). Is there any complications that would have stemmed from his oil change / brake replacement that could have caused this, or is this standard for this car around 111,000 miles...?? Thank you for any tips, help, advise you all may have. I'm a newbie to this forum, and definitely could use some help! :) Thank you, J
  24. Help! I love this forum and used it to replace the driver's door lock for $5! This problem: I changed the transmission fluid and inspected/flushed the "strainer" (filter). When I put the pan back on with a new gasket I accidentally snapped off one of the 18 bolts that hold the pan on. It is the center, rear most bolt and, so far, the pan isn't leaking at all (only 1 week and 50 miles ago). My questions: 1) If it doesn't leak should I ever worry about this broken bolt? 2) If it does start leaking later is replacing a bolt something I could do? I am fairly competent around a garage but have never done this. I don't have a tap set (if one is required), but don't mind getting one if that is required. 3) One more "out of the box" idea I've seen kicked around: would it work to use a metal "bridge" from one good bolt to the other across the broken bolt? Any expertise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! My Car: 2003 RX300 FWD with 60,000 miles.
  25. I've been enjoying my new Lexus ES 350 - my first Lexus - for one week. I am intrigued by S Mode Driving but am finding very little information on it in the owner's manuals or elsewhere. I'm referring to the ability to indicate S1 through S6, not Sport Mode. What does S Mode Driving do? Why would a driver use it? Is it just for fun or does it have other purposes? Does using S Mode impact gas mileage? Can I damage my transmission if I use it incorrectly? What else do I need to know? Please share your knowledge or experiences with me. Or point me in the direction of other resources that can explain this more fully. Thanks, Dan