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  1. Thanks Jim, I just didnt want to get anything started....
  2. I know you are right, old satan just slips up on me sometimes too....
  3. yes, I know you are right, satan just sneaks up on me sometimes.....

  4. that sounds like a good idea, thanks
  5. That is as good a write up as I have ever seen.. nothing left out..
  6. if you are going to follow Craigs advice, be sure and clean that intake up... (I did not follow all your links) and new gaskets also..that's a mess.. my knock sensors were under 15$ each.. Denso..
  7. Craig, sorry it didnt work for you, mine is still going strong..
  8. well, back when I had a 95,96,or 97 one of them did that to me/us after traveling about 200 miles, just completely quit (AC) when I got home I changed mine and it never done it again, so, I thought that was it.. I have had 12 LS400 (usually 2 at a time for wife & me) and it has never happened again..
  9. find out where your cabin filter is and CHANGE it.... behind the glove compartment.
  10. hahahahahaha, if you put poly in your front suspension hahahaha, you will stiffen up your LS400, like IRON ... I put them in mine, and left them there for one whole day, thinking how dumb can I be, and took them out... but you go ahead, it will probably ride better in Ill, than Tex. hahaha
  11. I agree with Craig, they are too old for OEM parts.. the uppers are not as beefy as OEM, but it wont really matter..
  12. it is like working on your DOOR...... Take the trim panel off.... I did.... James, you may want someone to do it for you, while you watch..
  13. do a search and see what others have done
  14. that is what I thought you would post...
  15. jack it up, put it on jack stands, get under it and look, it is right out in the open.... disconnect hose, TRE's, and unbolt it, and reverse procedure.. just takes time, not much skill.. fill it up with Dextron VI tranny fluid, and bleed, bleed, bleed, to get ALL the air out. come back and tell us how easy it was..
  16. when you swap the tierod ends, count the threads so you can get it real close
  17. tell us all the things you have done to try to remedy the problem, and we will see if we can help...
  18. great idea.. N, old fuddy-duddys are nosey, what does the "N" stand for?
  19. N, I dont think you will be happy, but let us know, being 83, these new fangled inventions scare me... and I miss a lot of good things..