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  1. I have NO connection with this automobile.... just showing others JDM RHD TOYOTA CELSIOR VIP SEDAN V8 LS400 JAPAN IMPORT TEXAS TITLE look:
  2. when new, 5w30.... after 100k 99 LS400 213k, I now use 10w30...... I'm in Texas.
  3. for me, consider getting something else... your going to spend a lot of money and IT will never be the same. go get another one.. motor, tranny, rear end and put them with your old ECM.... it aint the same.. you will be sorry.
  4. already meets my satisfaction. but at 212k mine aint bad
  5. I am sure it is a gem, but it is hard to beat a 98-2000 LS... and for me it would be a driver and that would ruin it..
  6. like I said, "all that were brought to me" I'm sure there are pluses and minuses on both sides, and as I said "I dont want to fill this space up with a bunch of useless words." I have seen some horror stories.. and the owners walked away and left them with me instead of paying
  7. just my 2 cents also... being a mechanic and also a garage owner, (40+years), I have never been interested in "low mileage" autos.... all that have been brought to me for repairs, all had their own set of problems ( I retired in 96, so we never had a Lexus in our shop) I dont want to fill this space up with a bunch of useless words.. so: to each his own. I have owned 13 LS400's, (2 at a time for me & wife, 94-97 +5 99's) until last year, we went to one car.. never below 100k.. currently 211+ I said all that to say everybody is not "hunting" low miles.. some shun them..
  8. my 99LS turned over 200k in January and I replaced all recommended items and it is like new again. quiet and peppy....
  9. are you going to do it yourself?? if so be careful of the little clips.... fragile ! the door PDF shows you all that is in the door on the first page... all other pages show ALL you can do while your there.. PLUS HOW TO GET INTO THE DOOR. Door.pdf
  10. I am/was a professional (now 83) but it is not hard, just pay attention to what you take off and the order of pieces replace all that moves while your there. ALSO TO DERRICK... TAKE IT BACK DOWN and locate the problem... dont mess things up..
  11. sounds good, I replaced my front lower CA's with some cheap ones off ebay, they are working good.. FRONT LOWER CONTROL ARM FOR 1995-2000 LEXUS LS400 SUSPENSION PAIR FAST SHIPPING
  12. have you finished your front end yet? I love mine now
  13. Micah, I had already replaced my lower ball joints a few months ago, my next project will be sway bar end links, and sway bar bushings. just to complete it..
  14. first thing to do is CLEAN and tighten your battery cables make sure you have good contacts, go to Autozone (or such) and have your battery & altinetor tested.. get back on here and tell us the results.... and we will try to help you without GUESSING.
  15. Sorry I cant help you, but welcome to the club, I am a keep it like Lexus built it, and just enjoy the best car ever built but this club it eat up with guys who are right down your line, and I think they look cool..... to look at, not to ride in.
  16. change of plans, these feel so good, I just sent the bushings back to Amazon for credit.... I kept my original oem arms and they "look" ok
  17. North Carolina must be ahead of the rest of us...
  18. thanks Craig, I gave them direction, but they sounded like they wanted coverage for every possible thing that could go wrong, so I gave up..
  19. HAY BODE... just to set you straight NO the solenoid is NOT right on top of the starter... it is right UNDERNEATH.. didnt you look at my photos??? both of ours are 99 ls400's plus when you try to take those two bolts out behind the block..... well I dont want to scare you... AND But, it could also be dead spots on the coil or bad contacts, brushes, I think they still call them that. NEVER saw that failure... on a LS400 I am out of here, make your choice and good luck
  20. OK, had the arms installed last friday and got it aligned today, and it handles/rides like new with NO sounds, popping, cluncks ... just it.. on thursday I will have the new bushings pressed into my original arms, and if these china arms give me any trouble I will put the OEM's back on..
  21. that was 2010, times/prices have changed, have you noticed??
  22. My nephew has done 5 LS starter jobs (2 were mine + 3 friends) he charged 400. and BYOS.... 4 to 5 hours each without hurrying .. ps never had a comeback. photos was my 99 in 2010.. still going strong.
  23. well I ran into a snag on my new bushings (it is just a time snag) I dont have all the equipment I need to pull the arms off, remove the old bushings and press in the new and put it back old body cant do the work anymore (without a lot of pain), SO I just bought a pair of new arms for 150.$ (probably made in china or some cheap country that makes them for china).. I will put them on,and see how they do while I do the R&R on my 28$ bushings and then decide if I continue or change them out.. I will keep you posted... the original arm/bushing lasted 210k, and I (at 83 in june) will neverapproach that...