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  1. Thanks again Mr. next time I will response before you plan to broke my Jew ,by the way I am a big Cowboys fun since they won super bowl in Rose bowl   ,go cowboys! 

    1. billydpowell


      Great, glad to have you as a member...

  2. Thanks a lot sir finally I put my front view  camera on my car today !

    1. sha4000


      Your more than welcome.

  3. Thanks a lot guys your e-mail help me so much I really find out to get power from fuse to set my front view recorder today . I am so sorry to late to response your help thanks guys again!
  4. I can't find a fuse box inside my Ls400 I think lot of people know where so please show me haw to find it .
  5. My 1998 LS400 she's speed meter sometimes not working usually after few minute driving start working suddenly I think speed sensor not sensitive enough so I could just take it out and clean with sensor cleaner or I have to replace that I like to know and of Couse where the speed sensor located somebody have some knowledge please help ! Thanks
  6. Somebody please show me where is the location of PCV valve in my 1998 ls400