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  1. Balancing the wheels and new set of Continental tires fixed the problem. The previous owner on my '98 bought cheap tires in the front. So I swapped out for a new set. Shaking stopped. It felt like the driveshaft was shaking. I would check the tire and wheel condition first. Hope this helps.
  2. I have a 1995 LS400 with 220k miles on it. Non-air suspension. Looks like the wheels in the rear are shifting during braking. I assume that this is due to worn out rear suspension components. The rear Michelin tires are shot I researched the forum and found Rear axle carrier bushings. I may have to buy aftermarket bc Lexus does not sell the bushings only. My question: What is the best kit out there? Any other bushings to replace back there? What's the best strut out there? About $360 and I can get 4 KYB although it may be a little stiffer than stock. Struts and springs are stock and are now 22 years old. Are coilovers worth it? Any information and your experience with redoing the suspension system is appreciated. I completed a full tune up and timing belt about 6 months ago so, I'd love to update the suspension. Thank you in advance.
  3. New continental tires, and balancing fixed it.
  4. I bought a 98 LS4 and it is smooth until about 72 mph. Above 72 or 73, a massive vibration starts, feels like its from the rear of the car. It appears to go away under load (accelerator down), but it returns and is shaky. Rattles the rear deck. Sort of like going over the highway rumble strips to prevent drivers from diIg off the road. But the vibration is more spaced out. i searched the forum, but I don't see what may be relevant. It's not balancing or alignment bc the car will temporarily go without shaking at 72 and above. Starts vibrating depending on the accelerator input and coasting. any ideas? 1 Engine mount and 1 transmission mount replaced at 272,849 on 11/2012. 2 strut rod replaced at 235k on 3/2009. Currently has 304k miles. Thanks!
  5. Bought it. Has 304,394 miles on it now. Love it, except it shakes terribly at above 72 mph. I am sure it is is not balance, alignment or brakes. Driveshaft?
  6. 1995-2000 LS400 with 300K miles in good condition vs 20 year newer car. Anyone driven the 20 year old LS and a brand new Accord, Corolla or Camry? Would love to hear comparison and experiences.
  7. I had my 95 LS Water Pump, Timing belt, etc. repaired 2 years ago at 118K miles. Car now has 150K miles. I took the car to replace my high pressure steering hose and my mechanic (Different than the previous repair and trustworthy) said the WP's weep hole is leaking. I saw residue of coolant. Is this possible?? Or is a small leakage ok?? I hope I don't have to replace the WP again.
  8. http://autospeed.com/cms/title_Siting-Cold...23/article.html
  9. I am trying to stay away from Goodyear tires. I've had bad experience with them during rain. I do like Continentals, Michelins and bridgestone. Anybody know what tires the LS came with from the factory?
  10. I have a 1995 Ls400. Any suggestions on aftermarket wheels? 17s or 18s? Photos anyone? Also, what's the best tire as far as having the least road noise and traction? Thanks Jae
  11. I got my 95 LS running again. I had to replace the starter (Denso remanufactured) and while the tech was doing the work he discovered a hairline crack on the EGR tube, so he replaced the EGR system. Maybe the MPG will go up with the new EGR system. Hopefully the car will run for 5 years w/o a problem. Since I bought it in February of this year, I put about $4500 into the car. horrible...
  12. Agree with the previous posts. Move the steering wheel side to side as you start the car.
  13. After leaving my LS400 parked over night, I tried to start the car this morning and it would not start. I heard 1 lick. I tried again and the third time, it started. Afterwards, I turned the car off 3 times and it started all 3 times. Any ideas? car has a new batter and a major tune up (timing, plugs, wires, ignition coil, etc) about a month ago. I hope the starter is not bad...i read it's a PITA to replace. thanks!!
  14. That answered my question. THANKS!!
  15. This might explain something... My other cars are: 2008 LS3 Corvette 6 speed 2008 Dodge Charger 5.7L Driving my gf's Corolla and the LS, I noticed that my LS decelerates too quickly when I get off the gas pedal. Maybe I have a stock brake caliper??? As soon as I ease off the gas on the LS, the speed drops from 80 to 70 in about 3 seconds.