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  1. It looks like the crushed gasket of the filler hole caused the mess at the filler hole.
  2. Just 4 gaskets (2 each) (front and back of the cats). Before removing the bolts, spray the bolts with penetration liquid and leave them alone overnight. There is no reason to replace the O2 sensors.
  3. Mine is 96, I can relate to 95 and 97 models. There are 2 resonators near the exhaust outlets. Whoever told you that it has 4 cats doesn't know what they were talking about.
  4. I think sha4000 is right about IAC valve. I would clean it first.
  5. Mine went out at around 250k miles. It didn't throw the code yet but I heard clanking noise in one of them so I replace both with Bosal converters. Both still work fine after 50k miles. I could have lived with it but the noise bothered me.
  6. You can check if the shifter indicator light shows P or N. This is a common issue with old cars.
  7. Replace the solenoid is pretty easy and straight forward, difficult part is to identify which one to replace.
  8. It was human error. I cut off old oxygen sensor and replaced with a new one a few years ago. Because the replacement cable was a little longer than it should, I had to use zip tie to keep it out of the way. Recently, when I got it on a lift, the cable got crushed causing shorted.Visual check solves the problem.
  9. I am sure some people here can help you better. But I will suggest to change transmission fluid & filter.
  10. I don't know about your model but inline fuel filter in my car is pretty easy to find and replace. Mine is a 96.
  11. I've found the O2 wires were shorted. After separate them and cover with electrical tape, it's working like normal so I am not going to replace the sensor at this time.
  12. You should check to see if the radiator fans are working first. Try this: turn the ignition switch ON and check if the radiator fan stops? If it does not stop, then check the fan relay.
  13. This is the best online tutorial for your car that landar put together. Try to see what you have been missing. 98 1uz-fe Timing Belt And Water Pump Replacement How_to
  14. Thank you for your reply. It sounds like that's on my next thing-to-do list.