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  1. sha4000, you are correct, the engine is turning but will not start. I did not hear any spark. No codes were read. I show the picture above because I was not sure (at the time) if I installed them correctly. I later found out that the instruction on Lexls was incorrect. The contact points (wire) should be at the yellow arrows (not at the opposite position as shown in the picture below). After fixing the errors, my car is running normal now. If I had taken pictures of the distributor rotors when taking them off, I would not have any issue. The positive outcome from this is I feel more confident with timing belt work since it is more straight forward. Thank you for getting back to me.
  2. I removed the timing belt to replace camshaft and crank seals. Everything went fine and I checked all the marks lined up correctly after 2 - 4 turns. However, the starter runs but engine does not crank. I have to admit that I forgot to record location of the distribution rotors but from the tutorial document online, I correctly follow the pictures ( attached pictures is from my car). What should I do next? Back to remove the timing belt again or troubleshoot if the fuel line has problem? Thank you!
  3. vissine


    Use your hand to pound on top of the instrument cluster will do the trick. It happened to my 96 two years ago. After pounding three or four times every few days in the morning, the problem went away, don't know when it will come back but that was a temporary fix.
  4. Do you normally replace distributor rotors while you replace the timing belt?
  5. I found this thread. It confirms what you (sha4000) mentioned earlier that there is no need to remove the valve cover. Timing Belt, Water Pump Leaking Oil From Bottom Of Ocer
  6. Thanks sha4000. I've observed some leaks on the camshaft pulley locations so that will be my other job while replacing the timing belt and WP.
  7. Do you have to remove the valve cover to replace the camshaft seal?
  8. Thank you for sharing. I hope that I won't have to do this.
  9. Lexus SC300/400 power tilt column grinding/not moving
  10. I am thinking to upgrade my stereo with modern functions like Apple Play and Android. With Apple & Google Maps, no longer need NAV updates. Do you guys have any recommendation about Brands?
  11. I haven't used it myself. But the size is adjustable between 2.5"-3.75" so it should be fine. I measured 2.5" on my 96. These should also fit: Gadjit Cup Keeper 2-Pack (Black) Car Cup Holder Adapter Expands Cup Holders to Hold Mugs, Convenience Store Cups, Water + Soda Bottles with up to 3.6" diameter, Fits Yeti Rambler 20 oz Good luck!
  12. I believe this was resolved in another the thread below: Stranger Things - 92 LS400 alternator saga continues - I think :o)