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  1. There is no one solution for this problem. It could be a lot of things. For example, if the brake is dragging, MPG is also bad.
  2. vissine


    You can try to measure the signal from camshaft wire to see if the ripples are large. In some cars, failing alternator causes ripples on camshaft signal that triggers the code. Hope this helps.
  3. If the code goes away after changing fluid, then it is dirty fluid and you need to change it for a few times when the code comes back.
  4. If you have option to use gasket for transmission pan, by all mean, use it. I personally hate the RTV.
  5. Thanks sha4000! I thought so. Last weekend, I removed the cables to power tilt motor but the Airbag light is still intermittent. It stays for a few minutes, then goes OFF. Do you know any ODB reader model than can read SRS on 96 model? I looked up some models and contacted manufactures, I was told Autel MX808 could read it but I don't want to waste time to buy and return.
  6. I would to the spark test but before that want to check the vacuum lines. The fuel quality maybe a problem too.
  7. Below is the link to one of the experienced LS owners: LS400 areas that may fail. Hope the information helps somebody. The takeaway for me is according to this post, if your car is 95 or later, you can clean the MAF.
  8. I removed successfully the seat back easily without touching the rear seat bottom. Use a 1/4 ratchet with a 12 inch extension and you should be fine. To help reduce the fuel pump work, I recommend to change the fuel filter.
  9. The information is not enough. Did you adjust the number up but it not go up or Did the number go up but you never feel the heat?
  10. The light sensor is on the dashboard. On my car, it is located next to the VIN. I would start from there. See if it is cracked or not.
  11. EGR pipe routes HC, CO and NOx from the exhaust back to the engine.
  12. What was the code of the engine light? Rebuilding transmission at 65,000 miles is none sense.
  13. I think the 199508 to 199808 are for the manufactured year/month. So, for my 96, it should be 4581050030. My next question is: Does the dead tilt motor trigger the SRS light? I ask because the SRS light has been intermittent lately and the Tilt motor is also ON/OFF intermittently. I think these are separate issue, but it would be nice if they are related so I can kill two birds with one stone.
  14. I am buying Gear Assembly, Tilt, with motor for my LS400. On the Lexus website, there are two compatible parts for my car but I don't know which is the correct one. I have not remove the motor from my car yet, but I think there should be a way that I can get the correct one based on the numbers (with your help, of course): From 199410 to 199508. 000002 0004 0; UCF20; 4581050020 From 199508 to 199808. 00000100050066 0; UCF20; 4581050030 What do these number mean? Does anyone have any idea?