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  1. jaswood: There is a specialty wire brush "set" available that can be used to burnish the battery posts and battery connectors. Both positive and negative connectors should be removed, cleaned, and burnished on an annual basis. There is also some felt pads/rings that can be installed over each post, under the connectors, to delay the onset of the corrosion. I have owned 12 different LS400's, usually bought 2 at a time for me and my wife, last year I sold mine and now we have only one, due to our age. I am 82, owned my own automotive shop for 30 years, and have used that specialty wire brush "set" in my shop AND was never informed it "should" be done on an annual basis.... and those stupid little felt washers that go on the post, only keep you from getting a good contact from cable to post... they are made to sell, NOT use... but, we just used "common sense" at our shop.... but you go ahead and tell us what we should be doing to our LS's.... I only wish they would gather up all your post and put them in a stickie, so we could find them all at one time..
  2. Hi, I did not realize my left front wheel took most of the hit when the lady hit Judy, After I put the tires on I took it in for a 4 wheel alignment and the man said it was WAY out of spec's, so he aligned it up per spec's here is the printout....
  3. yes, the ride is nice and I have an appointment for a 4 wheel alignment set for Monday.. just in case Judy's little accident damaged anything.. it was hit on the left front..
  4. well I broke down and went to discount tires and bought a set of Michelin Latitude Touring HP tires for my 99 LS... I got 235 55 17's and I hope they hold up the rest of my life.... I am wanting to get it all fixed up for my wife.. now dont get me wrong, I am not planning to leave earth, but at 82 and not in good condition I just want to be ready.
  5. thanks, that is what I have my eye on.
  6. only 8000 and they were take-offs, but had 10/32nd rubber on them when installed Nov of 2015.. , the code is 07 12 they ride and drive perfect...
  7. UPDATE on my 235/55/17 Goodyear Eagles RS A it is not even a full year later, and my tread measures 6, down from 10... I was wondering if going from a 225 to a 235, would make them wear faster?? I am going to Michelin's, and I guess 225's
  8. me too Bob, God is good and I am blessed.. just one little kink at the end of the dent, you have to look for it to see it.
  9. BOB, that did it... thanks..
  10. UPDATE look at the photos, I used Lexus touch up paint, and I CAN live with the dent and keep the $1912 in the bank Paint was $6.49
  11. I may learn to live with my dent.. what do you think? I have ordered a can of cladding spray paint from Toyota 00258-UCA29-21 $7.40 with tax. be here next week
  12. sorry Bob. well State Farm paid me $1918.66, and it is in the bank, now let me see if I can clean it up some...
  13. I have been thinking about that dicer
  14. a lady pulled into my wife, changing lanes, claim has been filed, probably needs a fender
  15. Mohammad , being so old, I have seen about every "shade tree" item along the way. I guess every radiator shop I ever used had the same water tank to test the radiators with that you showed.. but like Moe said, I would/did just replace the radiator they are so cheap now.. and plentiful..
  16. Yes, I have all that... my two j-hooks are broken and I was just wanting the mirror head if anyone knew the number, all dealers sell complete mirror. no components... I will check salvage PLUS I glued it back in for now and it is working fine, until some bloke whops it... BUT I like to repair things right...
  17. this is for my 99 LS400 passenger mirror stamped 561029 but that is not part number
  18. I lost my in house mechanic (Jon) due to health problems, but allowed Candrell Car Care to renew my LS at 200,000, by replaceing my Timing Belt/Water Pump, seals, bearings, engine & tranny mounts, plugs seals & VC gaskets and they done a super good job for me.. I have known Bob for about 30+ years, (being in the same business my self) and I already trusted him, but did not know his knowledge of Lexus'es... they are in Carrollton on Midway rd, so if you are in the DFW area, you can trust them.. thanks, billy d powell ..
  19. Paul, I really dont understand this post..
  20. this might work for LS430's but I have not heard of this fixing any LS400
  21. you do know you are in the LS400 forum,. not the LS430 forum
  22. well you are doing better, this post is only 11 years old.
  23. this post is also 12 years old..
  24. follow Mohamma's post, he has you on the right track