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  1. Not sure what you mean by personal lights. The dome light in the middle has switches for "on" "off" and "door".
  2. Take it easy guys. This isn't the time or place for message board politics.
  3. According to this it's part #1533 for the passenger side and #1534 for the driver's side. http://lexus.sewellparts.com/oem-catalog/1104116296-EngineAndFuel-LS400-1999.html There is also a screen filter for the OCV's part #15846A Perhaps this has become clogged and needs cleaning. PS: If you haven't reset the ECU by this point then you could very well be barking up the wrong tree.
  4. I think you can just disconnect the negative battery cable rather than pull the fuse. Leave it about 5 minutes and that should reset your ECU.
  5. After many years of free help to fellow Toyota and Lexus owners and enthusiasts, the Workshop Manuals have been removed from the site upon request from Toyota Motor Corporation
  6. Sorry for the late reply. I don't drive my IS very much. I only just turned 35K miles on it. I've had all the recalls done although I never noticed any of the symptoms Lexus mentioned. Car runs as good if not better than when it was new.
  7. With the odometer in total mileage mode, press and hold the reset button down. While holding the button, push the car start button and watch the numbers on the odometer. It should "spin" for a bit and then show 0000. That's the reset.
  8. It is normal. It's the high pressure pump for the direct injectors.
  9. You can clean it with spray electronics parts cleaner. Gotta be very gentle with it. Does your car have symptoms that indicate it needs cleaning?
  10. Go to lexus.com and register your VIN. You will then be able to access the owners and maintenance interval manuals. I think you can also access your vehicle's maintenance history.
  11. Your MAF may be going bad or there's a leak in the intake pipe after the MAF that's drawing in hot air.
  12. There are no chips for these cars. No one knows the coded for the ECU.
  13. We noticed that when the 2nd generation models first came out. It appears to be normal.
  14. http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=42887
  15. They're pretty clear instructions specific to IS300. Also there is much discussion on my.is and other forums.
  16. Do you have the selector set on tire set 1? There are two tire sets and often people get it on the wrong set.
  17. SRT is the only one that makes much power. You do have to wire a black box to your ECU though. http://www.swiftracing.com/SRT/item.aspx?id=2
  18. Yep, you just need to go drive a couple with stock suspension. 18's don't hurt the ride. The only time 17 might be ok is for snow tires. I would describe the ride as well controlled but not harsh. I think you will be pleasantly surprised compared to the other cars you mentioned.
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