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  1. Hello 

    i'm new here

    i have a question that my lexus is250 2006 have a problem like my battery light is on and i tried another battery from my friend's car but when i start it it still shut down And all the light inside is off too. I wondering that does it about alternator or anything else? 

    please help me to fix this problem please 

  2. Good info on Magnaflow. I have FSport exhaust with similar results on IS350.
  3. By now you have Magnaflow installed?
  4. 90K miles maintenance

    The IS250 and IS350 do not have timing belt, therefore no timing belt to replace (I'm referring to first post). They have a timing chain intended to last the life of the engine.
  5. Lexus Service Connect

    AAA premium card for $64/year is more cost-effective for me, don't need more fluff services that I will never use.
  6. F Sport intake is common in California and sold at local Lexus dealerships. It's legal too.
  7. Is 350 Awd Vibration

    IS250 awd's have square setup, all 4 tires are same size.
  8. Is 350 Awd Vibration

    Is car on lowering springs? Some IS awds get this when lowered.
  9. Fremont Lexus service department is very good.
  10. Vehicles We Drive And Perceptions

    Flashy is just not me, but that's just my personal preference.
  11. Vehicles We Drive And Perceptions

    Some good points about the value in keeping a low profile...
  12. Vehicles We Drive And Perceptions

    I like to use the Mercedes C250 on long trips, quick, comfy and economical. Kick in the turbo and literally blow off the rif-raf on occasion, although most drive here at 75-80mph on open freeways which is fine. I have a Honda Civic for driving/parking in questionable neighborhoods or going to Home DDepot.