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  1. Yeah that's what I did after replacing the ocv. .. i took out the battery terminal which is negative ofcourse ... but still the problem persists and I just have a question that Steve guided me to take out the EFI now my question is that if taking out efi is different to plugging off the negative battery terminal ... then do I have to plug the battery off and take out the efi or with the battery terminals attached ? Or taking out the efi is as same as taking out the battery terminal ? And I will see to the screen filter also .. i dnt knw much about it thought ... does it come with the ocv or I have to replace it aswell individually ?
  2. Actually my left bank ocv was faulty according to the error code 1534 but I replaced both sides ... but no I am confused that u said replaced the other side with a 'matching' part number ? I think that's right ? Cuz when I took out the right bank ocv the part number was 1533 .. so I put 1533 there .. r u suggesting me to put matching numbers in both sides for the vibration to go away ?
  3. Sorry spelling mistake ! It's
  4. Bro I live in dubai ! And lexus ls400 is being imported here from US very often since the demand for this particular model year which is 98 to 00 is alooot ! So I believe any lexus fanatic like you or me wouldn't see em so easily... but I hope u got my point that if there are other cars of the same kind not neccessarily as clean as urs but yes anything less than yours is also an exception here ... so I don't know what is Craigslist ... but here is my email address Please reply me on my mail instead of here ... its more subtle there ... thanks waiting for your reply
  5. @steve: bro i checked online and they say that there are two efi fuses no 1 and no 2. which one to take out plus please explain abit mroe detail .. as my car should be on or off at the time of the removal of the efi fuse ? or please i am confused .. guide me a little bit .. thanks
  6. @steve okay thank you very much basiccally i just have to take put the EFI fuse and leave it out for sometime ... and after that drive my car in routine ? @billy: bro i have some friends who are looking for some clean ls400's 98-00 model year... if u wanna sell any of ur lexus or u know anyone with a clean car please let me know in detail .. we both can earn something from the deal im sure ! i am serious bro no kidding.. if your interested please let me know thanks
  7. Bro checked that thread but I didn't find the solution I mean I have changed the ocv thing and the codes are gone ... All I good except that the car vibrates at cold starts and gets normal when warm but yes still i feel vibration in it and I have already changed the spark plus aswell ! I saw the cars u have owned and believe me some of the cleanest ones available in the market ! U know how to keep cars maintained ! So Billy any ideas ? As why would the car vibrate like tgis ..and before the ocv problem ever came ... The car was so smooth even if it's winter or summer ..cold start or normal... that's why I am so curious ...hoping for help from u brother.
  8. Guys I own a lexus Ls400 99' and I have around 150 k miles on it... just recently my car showed a code which if I didn't forget ...It was P1354. .well I checked and found out it was the valve Control switch...In the replacing process I got the throttle body cleaned too... now the code is gone but one other problem has arisen since the replacement of the valve Control thing...which is that whenever at cold starts or I might say when I start the car after a while... The first thing I notice is the cars rpm used to be at 1 and then come down 1 step after warming up... but now it's one step above 1 ...This one thing I noticed... Secondly the car will keep on vibrating or shaking in waves not like constantly. Now I am confused that what it could be ... i have checked every possible thing ... timing belt is nee with the new tensioner plus engine oil is new aswell and no leaks anywhere... i hope someone here understands what's my problem and finds a solution. I live in UAE (dubai) but car I imported from USA