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  1. if you want new one model then is probably too late. All models are 2011 and they have different packages. Also there is something now clear on lexus page and service info(TIS). Lexus on page claim 13-speaker system(as before), TIS documents says 8 speaker system. I'm confused a bit Audio.pdf
  2. Thanks! is clear now :) I thought that it use halogen bulbs for low beam :) b.r.
  3. Is250 here is still 2009-2010 model so I can't ask dealer. Packages in europe (or Poland) are different of course, available 6 packages and last one is fully loaded. Here not exists IS350, only IS250,is220d(diesel) and is-f. I asked lexus dealer why is350 is not available and he have no idea. I did price analize and figured out that price of is250 is now same than is350 in US, so if lexus will put is350 in Europe then will not sell too much cars(without make lover price of is250 which is not possible) because of 3 things: 1. price of is350 must be of course higher than is250 , so peoples will preffer "cheaper" german cars 2. in my country most cars are with 1.4-1.6 engine(gas) and 1.8-2.2 diesel. 3. A/T cars are not so popular here is-f was probably an experiment and they make price what ppls cannot accept :) (my nearby lexus dealer offer 1 model on auction because cannot sell it) Back to main topic. I checked internet for more info and some sources said that IS350 2011 will be with HID+led headlamps as standard and bi-xenon with AFS is discontinued. From official lexus page I can read that of course bi-xenon I cannot select in any package except Sport package(not F-Sport). So they discontinued but offer in sport package? I found info what I missed before: "IS 350 models feature standard HID headlamps with LED daytime running lamps and headlamp washers." So it have HID instead bi-xenon, but that info is not in official PDF on lexus page,so no idea if is 100% correct info.Of course I'll ask US dealer but they reply slow :) Thanks for response b.r
  4. Hello I'm shocked what happened with Lexus company. They change mind 3 times in 1 month on their pages. First they add new package D($6,861) with ML for 2010 year models(I order that package), after few days they change all packages(cheaper and removed some things and no more ML) - oka so I ordered D + ML as option. Now is no more 2010 but 2011 with 4 packages A,B,C,D and as usual D is max with ML, but... BUT it offer only navigation + ML for $3,905, okay rest I'll buy as option,no problem: bi-xenon with AFS,power tilt steering column, power rear sunshade etc.. After opening PDF with all features I see: 1.Premium Package Value Edition - $640 2.Luxury Plus Value Edition - $1,760 3.Luxury Plus Value Edition with 18-in wheels - $2,590 4.Sport Package Value Edition - $3,410 I thought that every package include all things from previous package like package 2=package 1 + more things, 3=2 + more things etc. but no!. For example option package 2.Luxury Plus Value Edition - $1760 have heated & ventilated front seats but 3.Luxury Plus Value Edition with 18-in wheels - $2,590 only ventilated front seats. So for 830 usd (2,590 - 1,760 = 830) I get 18-in rims but they remove me heating from seats ??!?! o_O. Oka so maybe next option package 4 for $3,410? I get back heated seats and bi-xenon, but they remove power rear sunshade which I want and had in option package 2 and 3!?!?!In addition I get get sport-tuned suspension what I do not want but is Sport package so is obvious. After deeper checking it looks like is not possible to fully configure lexus anymore. I can't buy is350 2011 with bi-xenon with AFS + power rear sunshade + heated & ventilated front seats but without sport-tuned suspension :( Also prices are higher base price for 2011 is $38,570, for 2010 was $37,595, $975 usd for really light changes... ugly changes?. I'm really dissapointed on Lexus and I think to not buy it. I live in europe so car will cost me ~50k usd + 50% of taxes, so about 75k usd(for 66k I can buy is250 here). I can't imagine that I can't customize car which will cost me ~50usd. and some "upgrades" make lexus to look more close to toyota corolla in europe (steering wheel and front bumper) :( Also Lexus did some confusion in configs because on page: there they said that bi-xenon is NOT AVAILABLE for IS350 RWD/AWD but they offer in Sport Package. Strange why bi-xenon is available as option in is250 RWD A/T but not in is250 RWD M/T??? Funny is that I can't order only bi-xenon with or without AFS for is350 as option. IS350 2011 model is more expensive with less features.I do not like Lexus marketing tricks what lexus do now(offer higher packet but remove one thing for higher price). I hope is any mistake on lexus page, I wish that is mistake because configurator not working properly yet(can't finish), if not then they lose 1 customer more. Is only my opinion, not any offense. Please give any feedback what You think about it. Sorry for my english b.r
  5. Thanks for answer.I want IS350 fully loaded(I worked hard for 5 years to gain money for this car), so I see I'll wait a bit. I'm sound maniac :).About why they not offer IS350 in other countries than USA/Canada is simple. I go to lexus dealer in Poland and asked if they can import me is350(I know that will lose warranty even if they will import), they said NO. So I asked them why lexus do not offer is350 here, but offer is-f with bigger engine?? He answered that is lexus politics and he do not know, also he told me not true story that lexus is assembled in USA and if I'll import it,then it will be worse quality bla,bla,bla.So is not CO2 emision problem limits in EU. I figured out that if U will compare prices of is250 in europe and is350 in USA, U will see that even after import is350 from USA U will still pay a little more than is250 in europe(U gain bigger engine,is250 is like turtle with broken legs). So if they will offer is350 in europe then price probably will be near 85k USD. No one will buy or not many ppls, coz for that money U can buy audi or bmw with same specification. Anyway I make s**t on my politics in my country and will pay high taxes,excise and VAT to get that car. Stupid money law here, normally I must pay 60% more of car value, so about 90K USD total for import is350, but smart ppls here will do tricks to import it cheaper.Lexus did bad move with prices in Europe, now they do some promotions coz toyota/lexus sales down in USA after gas pedal story, they should offer more models in Europe with better prices. I do not care, they lose... Aha one question: Do parking sensors are in standard or they available only with intuitive park assist?? b.r.
  6. Hello First of all, sorry for my English. I'm came from Europe and I try to import IS350 by some company(direct is impossible). My guy who will do all import procedures trying to find is350 which will match my required configuration, problem is that Lexus dealer can't answer clearly about Mark Levinson audio system. On Lexus page I see that I can buy it as option, but there are 2 versions 13 adn 14 speakers, ML + Navi or only ML(for those who have already navi in package I suppose). Some dealers offer 2 or 3 or 4 packages and package 4 include ML sound system. My guy asked dealer about add ML as option(what is possible because is listed on lexus page as optional) and he answered that they checked all cars maded last 2 months and there no cars with ML. So my question is: Do lexus install ML audio system after receive car which match my choised configuration or dealer must order it in Japan and receive car with all options installed already in Japan factory?? Strange is that he said that even they do not have black with ecru interior in their database for next 2 months! I can't believe, USA is biggest car market. So can somone tell me (somone who have ML) if dealer install him optional stuff like ML,Navi,drive assist or it must be ordered in Japan factory? I wait 1 month already and they can't find me car with specifications what I wish to have :( Do new one model is named there 2010 or 2011 and do I can check it by VIN number for example? I want to have is350 with all known fixes because after import I loose warranty so I must check car 10 times before pay. EDIT: I just checked and lexus did some promotion and new package D with ML :D:D:D for rest packages they drop price. Hope it will fix my problems now. Best Regards from Europe :)