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  1. I don't have auto dimming and auto tilt anyway, so no difference there. I have decided not to do this mod. I don't want to have to mess with wiring, although I saw there is a DIY on Youtube on how to do it.
  2. I've got the VAIS and really like it. I paired it with a dock from 2Point5. Perfection.
  3. Does anyone know if these mirrors are plug and play with a 2007 IS? I'd consider swapping mine out if the signal lights were ready to go, but don't want to have to do a bunch of wiring to get there. Thanks. 2007 IS250: Mirrors: Non-Dimming Non-Tilting Set - Both mirrors feature Light Emitting Diode (LED) puddle lamps (part of the Illuminated Entry System) located on the underside of each mirror to facilitate entering and exiting of the vehicle at night.
  4. What this actually shows us is that gun control and gun laws have very little to do with crime, either for or against. It is the culture and population that does. In countries with a very homogenous population, which Canada had until recently, crime tends to remain very low. Look at Scandinavia for example, regardless of what their gun laws are (e.g., Switzerland, where almost everyone serves in the military and is REQUIRED to take their service rifle home). Countries that have non-homogenous populations, like the US, Great Britain, the Balkans, etc. tend to have more social conflict, less
  5. Thanks. The grill surround was a bear to do, but I like how it turned out.
  6. Just thought I'd show you guys my recent projects with carbon fiber wrap. This isn't for everyone, but I wanted a more sporty look without paying $3,000+ for new panels.
  7. Strange, mine doesn't do that. Mine only chimes at me if I open the door first.
  8. Yes, comparing a 3.5L to a 2.5L is going to be unfair every time. I came from a pickup truck, so the IS250 is plenty quick for me. I just make sure I never drive my friend's 350. Glad you were able to make the decision. As I said, the plush ride is something that alot of people go to Lexus for. I love the IS for the handling, but you do sacrifice ride quality.
  9. I've noticed if you don't shutdown as Lexus intended then you get beeped at. If you put the car in park and turn it off before you open the door no beep. If you turn it off before putting it in park, or open the door first, you get a beep.
  10. The bulge is only on the AWD. THe back seat is only big enough for kids, although my son is 5'11" and he fits if the passenger seat is moved forward. While the ES350 is more powerful than the IS250, it does not have, in my opinion, better "performance." It is front wheel drive, and all the power tries to put you in the ditch to the right side of the road when you hit the gas. I HATED driving the ES, and it confirmed for me that I will only have RWD cars from now on. The IS will drive a little stiffer than the ES. You need to decide what you want. A comfortable ride and plenty of leg roo
  11. Yep, if you can't turn the key, just jerk the steering wheel hard to one side and it should work after that. Glad you were able to get out.
  12. Great information. This is why I change my own oil, and go to the dealer for anything else.
  13. Sold pending funds. That was fast!
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