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  1. ****UPDATE**** Logged into my LFS account... its closed... So I called them and I'm told they do they to prevent customers from making excess payments???? hmmm Ooookay.. Anyway.. I was trying to find out about my security deposit.. and to my horror.. I will not know until they send out a 3rd party to inspect the car.. The dealership doesn't do the inspection.. So if they feel like I owe them $2000 for rear tires and the scratches from road debris on the front.. then I'm SOL.. Guess they could stick me for $5000 if they wanted and I would not have a chance to buy it and I'm at the mercy of LFS... So I guess the wait is on.....
  2. Was a sad day... drove up.. they came out... took my tags off.. and I had to sign a piece of paper... that was it.. I felt like I was living my dog at the Animal Shelter.. strange feeling...
  3. Stay away from Northboro.. When I was looking for my IS350 a few years ago.. the salesman wouldn't even look me in the eye when he was talking.. Too busy looking for someone that had a suit on I guess... Went out to Balise in Springfield.. Great people.. not the fanciest Lexus Dealership.. but they WANT your business and do what ever it takes for it.. Its less then 2 mins off the Mass Pike and 91...
  4. Just curious.. what are you replacing the IS with...another one? Also I am in MA. Which Dealer are you leasing from ..Northboro..Sharon, Watertoen or Danvers? Balise in Springfield.. Northborogh would not give me the time or day when I was looking for one... My plan was to get the F when it came out.. but not with the price point they ended up at... So now I'm just going to wait.. I have a car to drive.. so not in a hurry for anything now...
  5. :( Its been a FAST two years... I'm going to be dropping off my baby girl tomorrow.. I have to say... right now.. (not sure what they will try and shift me with at the dealer) I'm 100% satisfied with getting this car... Its been a dream car... and a car with memories that will last a life time.. geeezz I feel like its my last day of High School... Anyway... I was just wondering if anyone had any pointers or tips when I take it back and drop it off? I've heard of horror stories from other dealers... just wondering if Lexus is the same way?
  6. A few years ago my plan was to pick up the IS350 on a 2 year lease.. and trade it in on the ISF... thinking $55 for one with everything... ML the works.. I figured a nice $10k preimum.. to see them now at $65k wow.. $20k more for 110 more hp.... Seems like they are setting on the show room floors... I remember waiting 3 months for my IS350 to come in... How many IS-F are they planning on building?
  7. I honestly don't see them selling them for $60k+ myself.. but not for your reason... My IS350 cost me a little over $40k.. the MSRP was $43.5k... it pretty much has everything but the ML... Now how can they expect to get over a $20k premium for only a 1/2 sec increase in the 0-60? The $60k market is a very crowded market... If I had $65k to spend on a car.. my short list would look like this... Jaguar XF Supercharged Lexus GS 450h BMW 550i MB E550 Infinite M45 MB C63 AMG or look for a super nice used 2007 M5... That would beat the IS-F in all specs....... B) Guess time will tell.. The price point is around $50k starting... and $55k fully loaded IMHO to sell them well..
  8. I waited until I needed brakes... then I asked my dealer... they are great!!! VERY LITTLE brake dust now...
  9. Thats impressive.. but not for a nearly $25k premium... When I got my IS350 last year... I was hoping to just keep her until the IS-F came out... thinking $55-$60 with everything TOPS... $68k??? WTF!??
  10. Have no clue.. but will take a common sense guess... When you first start it... give it a few secs... 5-10? (depend on the outside temp) to let the oil and fluids go through the engine.. then GO!!!
  11. The Nav Discloser.. I would highly doubt that any dealer would disable it do to the awesome legal system in the US!! Its a sue sue sue world... and it would be hard for me to see anyone dealer would put themselves in that position... Not sure about the DVD... wasnt able to get the ML package on mine... I've been trying to find a ML on a IS in Mass just to see what it sounds like... no luck... strange because ML HQ is located in Mass.
  12. Thanks!! I'll try and get a video of mine also.. I looked on Youtube and couldnt find anything...
  13. The IS's AFS won't pivot when the car's stopped. After doing my research... I found out the dealer didnt know what he was talking about.. (shocker)... the ES has a diffrent Adaptive Headlight system.. "With the available Dual-swivel Adaptive Front Lighting System both headlamps can turn to help illuminate curves. At speeds above 19 mph, both headlamps will swivel into the curve of the road. At lower speeds, the right or left headlamp will rotate up to 15 degrees." So I guess the ES can go left and right 15 degrees... also I think the speed is different.. It seemed to turn with the wheels.. Speed didn't matter.. Oh well.. that sucks...
  14. I had this in my Toyota truck about 10 years ago.. the Dealer blew some stuff in it to kill it... It worked...