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  1. No, I know exactly how many miles I drive to work everyday, and I know that I have to fill up every 6 days, it is now 7-8 days before I need to fill the tank.
  2. I took my 2006 IS350 in for a flat tire. The service technician told me the tire could be repaired, but that they were going to have to keep my car over night as there were some "campaigns" that needed to be addressed. I don't recall what the issues were, but they did something that increased my gas mileage by about 100 miles per tank! I am now getting about 6-8 miles more per gallon. I though that maybe my gas gauge or odometer was out of calibration, but I checked it last week and the mileage was right on the money. Does anybody know what they changed? Thanks
  3. Just wondering? I looked at both and the difference in power made the IS350 a very easy choice. The price is that much different. If you can't afford the few thousand more then you should probably get a Camry. Mine cost more that a few thousand more than the IS250 as I got the premium package with ML nav.
  4. My IS350 cost more than the BWM or G35, but I know that I made the right decision. The Beamer drove great, but didn't have near the luxuries of the IS. The G35 just feels to cheap and lacking.
  5. I don't know what the normal sound system in the IS350 sounds like, but the ML in my IS350 blows away the sound system in my Acura TL. I can not crank up the volume higher than level 50 (goes up to 60) in fear that I am going to blow an ear drum. The sound is pretty good in my opinion, but I mostly listen to talk radio, classical, with some rock.
  6. I like to do the VDIM hack, and then drive with the power button on. I did notice that it consumes more fuel, but I like the responsiveness, especially when driving in heavy traffic. Nobody can cut in front of me... Will it hurt anything if I leave the power button on all of the time? I do turn it off if I am crusing down the highway at 80 mph, but most of my driving is in the city. Thanks
  7. I never put anything on my new cars other than the wheels that come from the manufacturer. I usually upgrade to the nicer manufacturer's wheels though. Are you thinking about putting some spinners on your new Lexus?
  8. I like driving my new IS 350 with the power button on, but it seems to burn more gas. Does anyone know the delta mpg when using the power ect as opposed to not using it? When I first bought the IS my salesman said to drive with the power button on for the first two weeks. Anyone know why? Thanks
  9. Took my new IS 350 to get waxed and washed, left the remote in the car so they could start the car. They ran it through the car wash with the with the motor off and in neutral. Car finished washing and they were going to start the car to get it off of the line, but somehow locked the doors?? Tried to open the door by pressing the lock button on the outside (could see the remote inside on the center console) but didn't work. Called the wife to come with the second key, and guess what, the second remote wouldn't open the doors!!! I finally called the Lexus salesmans that sold me the IS, and
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