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  1. Verify your ignition coils are good. I replace my ignition coils to resolve similar issues. Car would also sometimes also cutoff when braking.
  2. Brought the car home. I will replace quite a few parts since it will down for a while.
  3. First thing I noticed. When placing the car in reverse often the vehicle would shift hard into gear. I usually keep my foot on the brakes when shifting into reverse. Second thing notices. When driving the car first time for the day, it would go 100 yards then act like it slipped out of gear, the engine would rev and the car would not move until I turn it off and restart; everything is fine after that. Most recently after driving for 10 minutes the the vehicle would not shift properly. I know i can purchase another vehicle but I love this one. The vehicle is service only by JM Lexus. I did notice the transmission fluid was overfilled for some time after the last service. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Got new from my Lexus dealer yesterday that my transmission on my 1994 LS 400 need to be replaced. Their cost was $6400 plus. Anyone had their transmission successfully replaced recently. I am located in Miramar/Pembroke Pines/Hollywood Florida area.