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Bought Ls-400 '98 Model


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This is my first post here, I recently purchased a '98 model LS 400 bottle green color full uption with beige interior.

It is just amazing, you dont drive it, you glide with it; the car odo shows 227800 miles but does it matter really when it comes to lexus? just need to replace some parts like tires and battery to name a few

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The moment when i bought i went to a garage and I did the following basic things

Engine oil filter change;

Engine oil change;

Transmission oil change

Differential oil change

Bought new disc pads; went to tire shop took out disc plates sent it foundry for turning; fitted with new disc pads

How can i upload pictures over here any idea?

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Nice to see some replies ........ well I am in UAE, Abu Dhabi; license plate is of dubai; it was imported from West Verginia; it is miles

The car is amazing no doubt, it goes from 80MPH to 100 MPH without thinking

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You have an LS400 from West Virginia in Abu Dhabi? Just awesome. I have heard they don't bother you much for speeding there so I think you are in for fun. The early models weren't chipped and would do about 150mph.

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Yeah denny; here if you will come you will see all the LS series are imported from US (except for the new ones ofcourse which are GCC specs); and speeding a big NO, there are radars everywhere maximum you can go on a motorway is 85MPH other wise a flash from the radar will greet you...

Well to go 150 MPH you need to go to Saudia Arabia, where normal speed is +100 MPH no radar nothing just zoom

Chipped? you mean electronically limited? so the new models are chipped.. thats a pity

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yes, chipped electronically to limit to speed. Like a rev limiter in F1. Ahh, the rules, can't go over 85mph which makes me feel bad for you. In Virginia, anything over 80 is reckless driving which is only one step lower than drunk driving. Wish I had your car in Saudi.

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And yes Mohammad, thanks so much for coming back. Very nice to have opinions and thoughts from many people. You have the same name as my brother-in-law from Egypt. Taxi in NYC for 30 years and has scared Navy pilots with his driving. Like I said, life in the big city.


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Pleasure is all mine; i will stick around this forum since i have my own lexus... scared navy pilots hahah well to be honest driving skills of arabs is indeed amazing no doubt, from what i experience here in UAE.... bumper to bumper @100MPH non stop (yes everybody brakes before the radar and come to 85MPH)

In the end i am loving my lexus; V8 grunts everybody gives you side; saw a sticker on another lexus

"No nitro no turbo simply lexus power"

I have so much work balance to do in my car, getting fresh tires is top priority, also planning to change spark plugs and injector cleaning, waxing polishing since there are so many scratches etc ... i better start saving some money

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