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  1. Hi Bill....welcome to the Club I have always been of the belief that it is not advisable to drive in 4WD High or Low on hard road surfaces, as this can lead to transmission wind-up which can damage internal components. You will notice a clunking on cornering at slow speeds which is the transmission (differentials) fighting to corner at different speeds. If you have freewheeling hubs disconnecting the drive to the front wheels then this helps but not good to use on the freeway, best for off-road driving really. Saying that, it is necessary to drive on soft ground in 4WD every so o
  2. It's not obvious to see from the photos and it will take a trained mechanic to examine each component to see if there is any deformation from original specs. With that sort of damage it will need looking at as soon as possible to avoid any further damage occurring or causing an accident.
  3. Michaelwigon well it could be a close shave in the event of a near miss 🙂
  4. This does make you wonder how many fake parts enter the automotive aftermarket. Although this is not a new problem and I personally was involved in resolving an issue with fake GM parts being sold as authentic parts way back in the early 1990's. But it does make you aware of what can happen in the event of a part failing and causing damage to the car or occupants 😞
  5. My demountable campervan for short vacations and trips to racetracks
  6. I know the LC500 has had some teething problems such as rattles and alarm system faults but haven't come across windshield damage as yet.
  7. Hi Mike...welcome to the Forum I think as the vent assembly should be a push fit on spring clips then it should prise out of the dash (obviously using only moderate force). Maybe use the end of the handle of a tea-spoon or similar. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  8. I believe that Hydrogen is the obvious choice to go forwards but unfortunately as long as there is oil being sold worldwide then we have no chance of seeing this occurring, at least in our lifetimes :-(
  9. Hi...welcome to the Club Sounds like it is tyre related .... tyres fitted in the wrong direction? wheel alignment out? incorrect tyre pressures?
  10. Hi Jeff....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  11. Hi Denny....good to see you back That's a fine looking spec by the look of it? Be sure to let us know how you're getting on with it Cheers, Trevor
  12. I would imagine it is coded to the either need to get it coded to yours or you would need the immobiliser system to match the ECU
  13. You may be able to find a trimmer to re-cover it...would need removing first though
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