[SOLVED] 90-94 Front Bumper Grille Headlight Support Bracket

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I have a question regarding the front-end headlight and bumper support bracket, highlighted here in red:


More specifically, I am wondering about the locations of where the sides of this bracket bolt on to the car, and how.

I already know the following:
- For the 3 central mounting points on the bracket, each have 2 bolts that attach to the frame.
- This bracket can not be removed entirely without first removing the headlights and bumper from the car.

I have attached photos to aid in the understanding of my question.




I was able to figure out this problem, with the aid of a section from the Repair Manual, sent to me.

The bolts located on each side of the bracket attach to the fenders:

[DISCLAIMER: These photos are not mine, and are from Lextreme.com and Ebay]


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On 11/1/2016 at 5:55 PM, sha4000 said:

Glad you were able to figure it out. Are those bolts hidden?

Yes, the bolts are all hidden, except for the two bolts for the middle mounting point. The side bolts sit behind the bumper, attached to the fender. The bolts for the other two mounting points in the center are under each headlight, so they need to be removed first.

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