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What's Your Favorite Drink ?


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At work: water & tea mainly, sometimes Crystal Lite Lemonade

After work: Wine, margarita, a chocolate martini every once in a while, beer occasionally, big milk drinker (good for my bones), no pop at all, juice

Water & tea are my normal drinks :lol:

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Green tea ? Bottled water ?

I mean I don't drink beer all the time. Water is my mainstay. I do enjoy champagne, Mojitos in the summer and a good manhattan in the fall/winter.

Love green/white/black tea (sometimes with a bit o'lemmon). Bottled water or agua from the cooler at work. I'm a champagne girl & I love White Zin & Reisling. I've never had a Mojito but have been meaning to. Don't know what a manhattan is... :blushing:

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We have to stop meeting like this :lol::lol::lol:

Oh Yeah, A manhattan is either whiskey or brandy, 1/3rd dry or sweet vermouth to 2/3rds whiskey/brandy, A perfect manhattan is equal parts of dry and sweet vermouth. I like mine with sweet vermouth and Korbel brandy with 3 olives. Now that is perfect :D

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