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  1. Hi All! Just a quick update.... I had the big outing on 7/24 at the Hershey Country Club - West Course. I didn't play the whole round, but I had a lot of great drives. I have much work to do to get better, but I'm off to a great start. Thanks to all with your advise and tips!
  2. Last post..... then I'll start a new thread. I'm actually not playing until 7/24.... I'm kind of a planner so I have plenty of time to practice. The Lexus won't help..... I'm flying to Harrisburg, PA. It's a 5+ hour drive from where I live & my boss found plane tickets for less than the cost of gas round trip. This is not going to be fun schleping clubs, suitcase & my laptop to the airport & back. Then in Harrisburg, I have to schlep to the hotel - the Big Boss doesn't get in until 6 hours after me & he'll be renting the car. Ugh..... :(
  3. Rya


    Nice!! Thx for sharing!
  4. Hey..... blondes are SMART!!!
  5. target (oy.... that's the marketing class talking...)
  6. You can also try photobucket.com ~ you upload your pics (it's a pic hosting/sharing site) then link them from there. It's the popular site for myspace users.
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