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  1. nc211

    My Vw Gti

    Well, it's been a few years since I've kicked around these parts! Thought I'd chime in to make sure DC wasn't trying to swipe my avatar! All continues to be well for the NC family. Kids are growing up fast, son is approaching 7 in May, daughter turned 4 last November. Still at the same job that brought us here to Washington and pretty happy. Best decision I've made, coming here, no argument. Been in DC 3 years now. I do think I have an automotive sickness though, as in those 3 years, I've gone through 6 cars! The Volvo XC 90 that we bought to replace the 4Runner we came here with, was replace
  2. PS: I like the front if your Jeep better too, SW. Looks clean and classy. Not like the pumpkin carving my 5 year old and I did for Halloween this year (a pirate face)!
  3. Reminds me of my brother's car in college, a 1986 Dodge Shadow. Every time it rained - it would shut itself off. Lucky it was a manual and he could coast out of harms way. Nothing like going down the freeway at night and your car just goes dark, in a rain storm. They never could fix the problem, even though they knew it was moisture getting into the ecu. I'm like you SW with my VW. I know it'll have its issues, but love it too much to get rid of it. Although I've not had any major issues (knock on wood) that were related to VW directly. When it comes to cars, the Italians are artists in de
  4. Thanks fellas, really enjoying the new wheels. Drove it 700 miles since buying it last Monday to NC and back. It really is a nice cruising car, perfect fit for the family. Toyota really does have the smoothest mechanicals of any car I've driven. Really enjoyed the drive. Technically its my wife's car, but of the 700 miles so far, is say 675 are from me! She loves it too though. Says its much easier to drive than the Volvo was. Lighter on its feet and the electric steering makes it feel more responsive and less rubbery. The exterior styling is a tad bland, the sheet metal is a but tinny, and th
  5. Wow that's a lot if typing on an iPhone. Can you tell I'm at the in-laws?
  6. Looks like my original thread was ken that got lost with the reboot if the website today, so I'll try again (it's probably Blake's fault :-)) I finally got rid of that damn Volvo XC90 this week for a new Highlander Limited. At 70k miles, the Volvo was simply falling apart. In my 2 years of ownership, which covered 40k miles from a CPO purchase, it needed: New leather seats, new front axles, new wheel bearings, 4 new window switches, new glass on a mirror that for no reason just fell off the car while sitting in the driveway, new brakes that were already starting to squeal again (not 6 weeks
  7. Thanks Becki, we're blessed that it's not severe autism at this point, but something is there, no question about it. I appreciate your condolences, but please know they're not needed. One thing I've learned over the past year, is that maybe she's not the one with the problem, maybe us "normal" folks are? She's as happy as a clam, and finds joy in just about everything she gets into. I'd say she is blessed with a true gift in that regard. We're not too worried about her quality of life going forward. It is what it is, it could be A LOT worse, and we're very lucky on countless fronts. But to get
  8. Well I guess it's time to blow the dust off this old B' around here.... I have a rule that I live by. It's pretty simple and has proven to be nearly 99% accurate every single time. Arrogance is the kiss of death, as it blinds you to the pending failures that lurk around you. To be successful at something, you need to understand where that line in the sand is that separates arrogance and confidence. This whole insurance mess, in my opinion, is born from the roots of arrogance. The idea behind it, I support. I've supported this idea since my first cup of coffee down in the bowels of Children's
  9. I fear that we have lost what love of the pursuit of peace feels like, with the scars of our blood lust of revenge that prevents us from stop hunting against the latest "threat" against what we're supposed to be honoring. We are consumed by the kiss of death, which is arrogance, and is fueled by ignorance of abstinence of our own sense of humanity towards the smelly victim to your left/right. Hate to say it, but we've forgotten what 9/12 feels like.
  10. Lets us hope we don't have too many oak trees here in the VA burbs of DC, as I took my GTI in this afternoon to have the ecu "flashed". From the salesman, service tech, and even the mechanic at two VW dealerships have suggested to me for my GTI's to "unlock" them, I decided it was time. Now, I can't figure out why I waited for so long. The difference is simply amazing, a night and day difference in the car. With just a simple remapping of the computer, the engine went from 200HP/207lb to 255HP/300lb torque. The program introduces the turbo earlier, and alters the air/fuel mixture. This all tra
  11. Let me know when you get to Volkswagen... Until then, I'll be busy replacing the ole ball n' chain's !Removed! cruiser with a Tora-Tora Highlander... If this offends anyone - I refer you to my avatar for a reason.. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, der Dorftrottel
  12. nc211


    I'd like to start a thread in Honor of SW03ES. There is not a more dedicated member of this forum than SW03ES. I've been kicking these tires around here for at least 8 years. I've seen mods come and go, mods of true distinction. There have been many of us who have used this website to spew our venom, from gas prices, to political points of view, to vibration issues of a 1995 LS400 (that's me). Through it all, SW03ES, has been there. Not enough pats on the back these days. I'd like to change that. NC211: tips his hat to the great one: SW03ES
  13. We went and looked at a few cars today. It's going to be between the Highlander and the Enclave. The Enclave is soooo nice and luxurious inside, especially the new ones. The Highlander is also quite nice, but not "Cadillac" kind've nice. While we weren't able to test drive them (dealerships were closed today), we actually found one of each that were unlocked! Two things will probably dictate how this turns out. One, how they indeed drive. I have a feeling the Highlander will be easier to drive for my wife, with a "lighter on its feet" feel. The Enclave is cushy, but also a good bit bigger to h
  14. For the longest time when I would hear their name on 103.5, I thought it was two names, like Paul Hanka. Thought "poor guy probably got beat up a lot in high school with that kind've last name". We looked at the Pilot a few weeks ago. It's boxy style didn't really do much for us, and didn't particularly care for the dash layout. Although had the dealership actually been open (Sunday), I'd of probably bought one out of frustration with the Volvo. Our son literally handed me his power window switch as my wife and I were standing outside of the car looking at the Honda..... If she would just ow
  15. With the VW, the most popular is to have the ecu modified to increase the turbo's boost, jumping the HP from 200 to around 245ish. But, with this latest series of GTI's, the ecu is sealed and required physical manipulation of its seal to do it. I'm not a fan of that idea. On my old one, it was a computer into the obd port and upload software. Tried on the old one with a free 24 hour "test drive" from APR while living in Chicago. Loved it, but decided that it would probably introduce me to the local Oak Tree population at a high rate of speed.....
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