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  1. Hello FD, This is a late reply and hopefully you have sorted this out. If the procedure to install the antenna is being followed correctly, it sounds like an obstruction. Don't know if you found this great tech service bulletin, but I will post a link here if not for your benefit, for anyone else who might need it. This really helped me get the job done with minimal angst. The instructions are for the 2002 SC. I actually have an '04, but the instructions worked fine, and it is my understanding that this holds true for several model years, though I can't vouch for sure on the '05. http:/
  2. Hi all, new member. Great forum. About me, I have a 2004 SC 430, purchased new, now has about 22k miles. Yeah...I bought it as a "fun" car for my wife, she never drove it much, so now I do. It is a phenomenal vehicle. Anyway, after a bonehead carwash episode I needed to replace the antenna mast. I bought the replacement on eBay from AntennaMastsRus for about $18 including shipping. It came with instructions, which I read several times before I attempted the replacement. In my case, the antenna cable appeared to be intact and not broken off in the motor housing. The antenna still exten
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