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  1. I don't have a picture. But it's in the headlight assembly, underneath. You have to remove the headlight, turn it upside down and remove the 4 screws you see there. Then the whole bottom plate comes off and the ballast rests inside there. You might think it looks like a battery pack in a galvanized steel little box with wires coming out. That's the ballast.
  2. Get Eibach. I would get Tenabe's if your going with coilovers, but if your just going to get lower springs, then get Eibachs.
  3. I do the same in that I have an 08 IS350, and the 11 Grand Cherokee. My life dictates the size of the Grand Cherokee right now, Jeep made it a pleasure to need it though. So the wife gets IS350 driving privelages for now and the VW sits there most of the time. LOL!!
  4. Lexus/Toyota are in some "retooling" modes. The pendulum swings. I think we'll have to see as the new line up takes shape and what Lexus does with it. But, to give it to Jaguar? I'd have to see what all the parameters were to fit into this category of "Best Luxury Sedan" because slot of other cars come to mind. The Mercedes S class is way beyond these 3 cars. And I would also put the BMW 7, and the new 2012 Infinity M is ranked very high as well. And then there's this: http://evanhutchinson.hubpages.com/hub/Citroen-DS9 I'm in love....................
  5. Then it could be a fuel pump. You might want to check that. It's in the gas tank. Theres an access panel after you remove the rear seats. I'd check for good pressure there. If you can't that, then I would tkae it in and have a diagnostic done. They can hook into the ODB plug, run the car, and see what's going on to cause it to die. Might be worth the hundred bucks to save a bunch of time doing it this way.
  6. They don't mow, edge or rake though right? Just fertilize and bugs?
  7. I use a lawn care service. Over the years I found a nice family operated business that fertilizes, manages weeds and sprays for insects, mows the yard as it's needed, weed whacks, edges, blows, and maintains the sprinkler system. I pay them $75.00 a month in the summer and $50.00 in the winter. With Carl as my "lawn guy", and under his advise, we switched my front lawn to a new Zoisha? hybrid he loves. And I have to say, it's really nice grass. Stays green and has a nice soft carpet. He really knows what he's doing, and I let him do it.
  8. It's funny, I almost think that some of these car manufacturers, and more so the Japanese and American car makers to be so worried about what each other are doing and trying to match each other or one up each other that they completely lose focus on the evolution of their design rather than these radical departures and the result is that they alienate many who have come to identify with the design. I just know they're going to screw up the IS when that redesign comes out. The ISF was already at the limit of bulges and flares it could have. And if they make it look like a small ES, which would in turn look like a small Hyundai/Kia anything, will be very dissappointing indeed. I'll reserve my final opinion on the ES when I see one in front of me. Pictures can "add 10 lbs." some times. But SW, when I shook my head my chin hit my desk and the top of my head hit the back of the chair in agreement when you said the profile looks like a Sonata. What are they thinking?
  9. Why can you tell it's electrical? Have you checked the MAF and IAT? along with the vacuum hoses?
  10. These vehicles have a "learning" mode that establishes some settings over time based on the drivers habits. You may need to "reset the ECU" so it will go back into the learning modes with you as the new driver. There is a seperate proceedure for clearing out the transmission memory as well. I agree with lenore in that you don't have to replace the fuel filter unless you have particulate contamination in your fuel tank like chunks of rust or dirt and so on. You may want to look before wasting time and money. If the vehicle specifies 93 octane, you might want to reconsider going to 89. That's more of a jump than lenore going to 91. Understand that the octane ratings are not "quality" ratings. They are a measure of resistance to ignition. 89 octane has less resistance to being ignited than 93 octane. Because of this, as the fuel is entering the cylinder, you will be more prone to pre-ignition, or spark knock than if you were to use 93. Which will mean less horsepower, (fuel is igniting before piston reaches top dead center), and rougher idles and lower mpg's. All that can add up to more money than if you were to just use the right octane. Can you get away with a lower octane? Probably. Will it damage your engine? Possibly. Given the used status of your purchase, the mileage and year, missing some maintenance, I would just stay with 93 for at least the first year of ownership. Get to know your new vehicle first. Then if you put in 89 and the change ok with you, then you at least know what's going on. But I'm puzzled at the fact that the fuel filter and maintenance history bother you, yet chincing out on the fuel is ok ?
  11. Don't disconnect the battery and clear the ECU yet. Get a scan done first and write down the codes it stored. Then find out what those codes relate to. You may determine there are some repairs to make first. Then reset the ECU by disconnecting the battery for about 5 or 10 minutes if you want and see if the same codes come back. If they do, then you have an issue to resolve.
  12. Sorry to hear about your loss. How are your parents taking it now that they are back? Everyone ok?
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