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Pics! Frshly Detailed And New Tires!


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Well I spent the last two days detailing the Lexus after our trip to the VA mountains (it was filthy). Compounded with Meguiars DACP, followed by Wolfgang polish, two coats of Wolfgang sealant, and one coat of Meguiars #16 paste wax. here's the end result:


And here are the new Toyo Proxes TPT's!


Cool tread :D


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I love them! I just got back from Falls Church, put about 40 miles on them round trip and they ride great. There's a little shimmy at 75+ but the installer thinks they just need to set in, he seems right as its getting better. If its not gone by monday he's going to rebalance the front tires.

They're also great looking tires, nice black rubber...

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Definately quieter and smoother, no question. It rides like a Lexus should now, totally silent and like driving on glass. Heavy rain tonight and they had plenty of grip.

As for the rattles mine never really rattled like yours es14, but the ride is significantly smoother so I think if there were rattles they'd be lessened.

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Glad your happy with your new tires sw! I posted an EXCELLENT article from Motor Trend in the wheels & tires section & it's worth a look. The wet weather traction on the TPT I agree are fantastic! B)


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