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  1. Lead food? What are you talking about man! those are plastic hubcaps :P , or are you referring to what I should put on them?
  2. Thanks, it needs tint and wheels. The local dealers have quiet a few Civic EX, Si and hybrids, but not too many LX models, if any. In its class, the Civic is towards the higher end in price and for the money of an EX, you can just get a larger Accord LX. What's your MPG in city with the LS?
  3. I guess I have re-post this link: Did you modify your car? or did EPA dropped the ball on this one?.......27 on a bad day!
  4. I agree, Mac's are more user friendly and the new leopard operating system is very attractive, useful and fast. But they do have one annoying feature or lack of, no right click. Needless to say, according to their standards a keyboard is not even worthy of their laptops as well...........j/k MacBook Wheel:
  5. Don't worry DC, you didn't miss anything. I don't have my b-day listed here; '93 pulled it from Facebook, I think. You also share it with one of my family members as well.
  6. You are right Sir, what was I thinking? I have no problem debating with you about benefits of the program. But your arguments are flawed due to the fact that you do not even know a single detail about how the program works.
  7. Good'ol eBay! After driving the LS for five years, the economical interior of the Civic became apparent. Then again it does retail for only $19k. In retrospect, for the money I could have purchased a used LS430 and kept my old car as well. But I learned my lesson in high school by buying someone’s old used clunker.
  8. Congrats, what was the MSRP for the Sentra? How much did you pay for your LS? I paid $6k five years ago with 144k on the engine.
  9. Tiny screen? Problem solved (look at the tour on the right):
  10. That is funny, but what is funnier is that you laughed for an hour.
  11. For the processor, the first one should be enough. For mobility, you may also want to look at the weight and battery life. What do you mean by processing pictures? photoshop? Both of them come with Vista? Vista business, I assume?
  12. A brand new one? I only drove it 18 miles as of yet. It has been in the garage since I got it. I'm on vacation. :)
  13. Happy fiftieth birthday :P and many more to come, long lost friend.
  14. This is a major red flag buddy. How much is the interest rate on that plastic? Stick with your LS, you have no reason to purchase a new vehicle that will eventually be ruined in the snow and salt.
  15. Slower than the LS? you must be going backwards than...............j/k If you ever decide to upgrade, look into 93-99 S-class. This car means serious business:
  16. Engine and transmission are not the only parts of a vehicle. Doing so will defeat the purpose of the program, which is to boost the economy. If your drivable vehicle is worth $400, what more can you ask for than $4500 in addition to dealers incentives. That's why you shop around. Here is an example: Actually, you HAVE to buy a vehicle with higher MPG than your clunker in order to receive the $3500 or $4500, depending upon MPG increase. In order to qualify, the clunker has to at least get 18MPG combined (city & highway). Lexus LS400 with exactly 18MPG combined with Premium fuel is NOT fuel efficient. Yes it is, if they also added "we mean $4500 for ANY PIECE of $hit that has four wheels and can drive itself up to 1 MPH, as long as you drive that sack of $hit into our parking lot we'll take it"
  17. I have been out of the loop with LOC for over four years now. I was under the impression that you sold your LS and bought a cream colored Mercedes Benz, and the girl who bought your car wrecked it. Or am I thinking of someone else? You have to put your emotions aside and make a financially sound decision. The styling of the new Tundra puts American "bad !Removed!" trucks to shame.
  18. For your kind information, 2009 Honda Civic: 60% Parts manufactured in USA/Canada 40% Parts manufactured in Japan Engine manufactured in: USA Transmission manufactured in: Japan
  19. After Steve's post, I read your post again. If you are concerned about your tax dollars and want to point fingers. Point it towards AIG's excecutives.
  20. Something close to it, why not? At least its a real car. I rather play with 2k instead of a 18k rapidly depreciating asset. I would play with $2k car as well, if it wasn't my only means of transportation. I'm not a big fan of buying brand new cars, but it is a bit satisfying knowing that no one has abused my vehicle previously. Depreciation is a major factor when buying a car, but I am not selling this car until it dies or when I get to afford a LS 460L, which ever comes first...haha...I'm still a lexus fan. ;) By the way, I did test drive a Toyota Corolla XLE. With the trade in, it came out to $14200 out the door. But the car was very disappointing, the exterior and interior. Although it did have a smoother ride than the Civic, it was just not pleasing to the eye. The interior looked outdated and inside it felt like a smaller car. It looks good in pictures but in person it really looks like and feels an economy car.
  21. Would you pay $2k for my car? I already got a little less than $1k off MSRP with $4500 on a $19,460 car! If the sales manager does not negotiate, simply leave. It is not like they are giving out free cars. Initially I went out to test drive a Nissan Altima, because of $1500 cash back, on top of the dealer's online sale on a particular Altima. Everything went fine until the sales rep called his rude sales manager. During price negotiation he literally raised his voice at me and my parents so we just got up and left. I was about to hand him $18k cash!
  22. Yes it does, I did it a few times but I was afraid of breaking something else in process. So, I just left it alone and guessed my speed.
  23. Unlike vast majority of the people here on LOC my LS400 was very rundown. Although the engine and transmission were strong, everything else on the car failed or was beginning to fail. It was just not worth the hassle and money to fix everything on that car. I work 60hrs/week and I needed a reliable vehicle. For a single recent college graduate, the LS was a huge car so that’s why I went for a fuel efficient Civic over an Accord.
  24. Forgot to mention, this is what the outside looked like (Yikes but don't judge a book by its cover, it had a "sweet" 1UZFE)
  25. $14500 out the door, including taxes, tags, fees, etc. Its the LX model.
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