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  1. it's the same case with the i35 and the c class (unless it was amg). they dont have too much popularity in car magazines.
  2. i can make it from nyc to boston and back again on a full tank of gas which is 420 miles with exxon 93 octane. i noticed the car eats up gas above 3000rpm when im at cruise control doing 80-85 and i would get only 350 miles. 80mph is exactly 3000rpm so i cruise at 65-77. even when accelerating from the toll booth, i make sure i dont go over 3000rpm :D
  3. if you want the sporty feel of an is and the luxury of an es, why not go for a used gs?
  4. wow i didn't know the ES had VVT and the camry doesn't. does that account for the difference in hp between the two for a non-vvti?
  5. it should work on the 1mzfe non-vvti es. i saw an ecu for sale on ebay which said it was for both the camry and es300 1mzfe. it could be the same although no one knows for sure. if it isn't, then there could be a problem with the the supercharger disengaging between shifts. another problem is the actual supercharger clearing the hood. a lot of people are put off to installing a supercharger b/c of price... its roughly $3k.
  6. as soon as i get the right bracket for the reinforcement beam, i'll get straight to work. any advice given will be appreciated. like... what spray would you recommend to prevent thread breakage when unscrewing the bolts? and some painted chipped off where the beam meets the chasis and some rust appeared. what's the best solution to get rid of the rust and re-paint the area?
  7. hi welcome to the club! i have a 98 ES which doesnt have traction control or vsc and it gets the job done during blizzards. im running on stock 15in rims and all season tires. i can tell you for sure it does A LOT better in the snow than the IS or GS. i asked someone with an IS if the snow mode in his car works and he says all it does is kill gas. one time i saw some idiot in a GS attempt a broken U turn in 4 inches of snow. he wasnt goin anyhere and held up traffic! i havent had any problems doing broken U turns or parallel parking. as long as you take it easy with the throttle, the front tires have no problem gripping because most of the weight of the car is in the front.
  8. LOLS!!! so true. it's fun to see the members flame each other.
  9. $850! :o im need of replacing my bumper. online the bumper cover goes for about $250 including shipping plus another $250 (hopefully) to have it painted and installed.
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