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  1. Thanks for the response sk... What am I looking for when I shine the light? Should I do it when its dark out? Thanks again!
  2. Hi all... Sadly my LS430 was rear ended while I sat at a stop light. The damage is minimal but I will need a new bumper. Yesterday, I noticed that my dash lights appeared to be on the brightest setting which I don't normally use. However, it is on the lowest setting. This morning, the entire dash blacked out several times on my drive to work. It was like a flash. They would go dark then reappear. After that it didn't happen again. Is this related to my rear end collision? Didn't have any issues prior to the accident. Thanks for the help!
  3. received this: Thank you for contacting Lexus Customer Satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing superior service. In circumstances that require our attention, we will assist in the resolution process. Lexus would like the opportunity to further research your inquiry. I have forwarded your information to a Lexus Department Specialist who will complete a full review and then contact you within three to five business days. If you require further assistance, please respond to this e-mail, or contact Lexus Customer Satisfaction at 1-800-255-3987, Monday through Friday, 5:00 am to 6:00 pm, or Saturday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Pacific Time. Sincerely, Ryan Abenes Lexus Customer Satisfaction _________________________________________________________ there is a phone number included in the message above. if anyone wants to call and give their 2 cents, maybe something can be resolved! :) i LOVE LEXUS!!!! JIM
  4. you must've read my mind! the other day i emailed customer service and included the link to this thread. will let you know how they respond. jim
  5. thanks for the info. i have a similar problem with my 99 es300.
  6. i don't know too much about technical aspects, but hands down this is the best car i've ever owned. it does everything it's supposed to do in a fashion far superior to any car i've owned or driven. i plan on having this car for years to come and believe that i will have nothing more to do other than routine maintenance. take the won't regret it! :)
  7. i think you will be much happier with the sonus. i tried the silicone spray and wasn't as happy with it. when using the sonus spray i get about 2 good months of creaky-less driving. :) i live in socal and the drier the weather the creakier the windows. i've got it down to a pretty good/quick appplication now. i use a rag w/ sonus around the door panels and on/around the rubber on the door seals. also, i use a foam-wedge-on-a-stick w/ sonus to get up into where the window sits when its up. i really love this car and the creakiness is my only complaint - which i can live with. :)
  8. Recent trip from SoCal to Vegas got me 28.8 mpg, air on almost the entire time, considering it topped out at 109 degrees in Baker. yikes! when possible, had cruise control set at 75 - only went over that mph once, when passing someone. 2001 LS430
  9. Even in waist-high water is still looks mighty fine! :)
  10. thanks for the response. i had read somewhere that using ect snow may improve gas mileage, any truth to that? i've used it quite a few times (even though it's summer and snowless here in Southern California) and found that i kind of enjoy the slower take-off from a standstill. i will stop using it if it may cause future problems, though. thanks again!
  11. It won't hurt anything to leave it on all the time. The changes in the shift points are very slight. You don't want to leave it in ECT SNOW all the time, and if you notice the car automatically switches ECT SNOW off when you shut the engine off, but it leaves ECT PWR on. out of curiousity, why is it ok to leave it in POWER but not SNOW?
  12. Very nice ride! So clean! Enjoy... :)
  13. Hi, all! Haven't had to post too much since (thankfully) problems with my LS are few and far between! I noticed this evening as I drove home that my normal "evening" setting of 75 degrees didn't seem as warm as usual. Bumped it up to 80 degrees and seemed the same. Didn't notice heat until it got to the HOT setting (86 degrees, I believe). At that point it was blazing hot! Let it run for a few seconds, took it down one degree and seemed to blow cooler again, with what seemed to be little or no heat, just cool. It's only happened this one time and I will see if it persists tomorrow. Outside temp was between 68-70 degrees. Just thought I would put it out there to see if any others have/had this type of problem. Thanks! JIM
  14. On Thanksgiving Day, a few years ago, driving from Stockton, CA to Portland, OR, I was pulled over SOLELY for tinted windows. I was in Redding, CA. Driving totally normal since my roommates folks were in the back seat. I had the graduated tint where it's lightest on the two front windows, darker on the two back windows, and darkest on the rear window. After I got the tint removed I went to get the ticket written off and the cop (here in Costa Mesa) said they would never ticket for such a light tint in SoCal.
  15. congrats! glad you're happy with it! :)
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