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  1. I will be due for new brakes soon on my 2005 ES 330...I have priced out OE Toyota replacement parts & frankly the dealers around here are astronomical just for the parts (front & rear pads & rotors). I am considering a complete brake kit from Powerstop which includes front / rear cross drilled & slotted rotors & "Evoloution' front & rear ceramic pads for approx $320, plus free shipping. Does anyone have any experience with these & if so, I would love to hear your feedback. More info here: http://shop.autoanything.com/brakes/61A5870A0A0.aspx
  2. It's possible sure...fingers crossed.
  3. Having said that, a bit disappointed that a 7 or 8 speed automatic has not been introduced...
  4. Posting another gallery here...if you want to really enlarge the pics, simply click on the 1600 x 1200 sizes. ;) Enjoy!! http://www.netcarshow.com/lexus/2013-es350/
  5. A complete Amsoil oil change for me is $52.27 (I have an Amsoil membership). That includes 5 qt's of Amsoil 0W 30 'signature series' motor oil & the Amsoil EA synthetic oil filter. I do the oil changes myself & I also have a Fumoto oil drain valve to make my life much easier. I let the old oil drain for hours to boot. More than a half dozen Amsoil 'dealers' for the same want between $107.50 & $120.00+ tax & that does not include the synthetic oil filter. :whistles:
  6. Max towing is 1,000lbs when properly equipped...but the ES is not a vehicle I would choose to be a towing vehicle. If you do use it for towing, I would make sure you install a tranny cooler as insurance.
  7. I will second what SW has said...and I too use synthetics (for everything, not just engine oil)...depending on the annual mileage & brand of oil & oil filter you use (I use nothing but Amsoil) you can safely do 2 oil & oil filter changes per year. As for tire pressure...don't even go near 50 PSI. :whistles: 32-33 PSI is what I set mine too....for even wear & excellent fuel economy.
  8. As lenore mentioned...nothing but OEM plugs which will be either NGK or Denso (Iridiums...which are different & than the IX plugs which won't last nearly as long).
  9. Amsoil PI complete fuel system cleaner here...twice a year. Always before a nice long highway drive. More info here: http://www.amsoil.com/storefront/api.aspx
  10. Here is some detailed pics to go along with SW's video... http://www.netcarshow.com/lexus/2013-es350/02.htm Hat tip to Lexus...I think they did an absolute fantastic job on the redesign!!
  11. I keep it simple...I use Amsoil synthetics (oil, tranny fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid) in my 2 vehicles & have for years. Because we live in the great white north, I use Amsoil 0W 30, along with their synthetic oil filters. I do the oil & filter changes myself every 6 months, regardless of mileage (which works out to be 8k - 10k anyways). For those that do their own oil changes, I highly suggest the Fumoto oil drain valve as well...makes a huge difference with no mess to drain the oil & it replaces your current oil plug. Check out www.amsoil.com for their synthetics. B)
  12. Here is the most current 2011 - 2012 Winter tire ratings from the APA. Simply select your category (passenger, SUV, performance etc) to assist with your selection. http://www.apa.ca/tire_wintertireratings.asp
  13. I appreciate the info. Would you be able to e-mail me a copy of the letter so that it is not public? Any idea roughly (labor wise) how long the repair should take?
  14. Saw this on one of my websites I frequent... http://www.autos.ca/general-news/toyota-recalls-vehicles-for-crankshaft-pulley I'm just wondering if this is a major repair or something simple...what I mean is, while they are performing this fix, do they have to tear down any major components & should I be considering replacing the timing belt or any other items during this time if easy accesss is there? My 05 ES330 now has close to 76k miles on the clock. Any thoughts, suggestions are appreciated.
  15. I appreciate the help to all those who responded! Window works as normal now. Probably saved me a chunk of change!
  16. Well I'll be a monkey's A$$!!! It worked exactly how you described it!!! And working perfectly again! Very much appreciated!! B)
  17. Hey folks, Discovered a problem this evening that my back passenger side window is not working on my 2005 ES 330. Does not work with the drivers side controls, nor the actual back passenger one. Also noticed on the back passenger switch green light was flashing (when all others stay on as normal). So I think I can rule out a fuse. Sounds like it might be the relay switch itself. Any thoughts, suggestions on the fix are very much appreciated.
  18. Get the newest ES 300 (2000 - 2001) you can afford...make sure you have all service records up to date (due to the engine gelling issue - and consider switching to synthetic oil moving forward) & get yourself a good set (of 4) winter tires (which I am happy to recommend as I use to own the same car). Have it mechanically inspected & if all that passes with flying colors...find a the color you want. Good luck!
  19. Here is some more info from the NHTSA database...when you click on the graph to enlarge it check out what is # 9. :( http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/deeper-nh...f-ua-incidents/ I have contacted my local Lexus dealer about this & awaiting their reply...any thoughts?
  20. I would have to agree...find a 1 owner one instead.
  21. I'm not seeing that at all...these recalls are for vehicles all over the world...not just in the U.S. But I'm sure the conspiracy theorists will have an absolute field day with all this.
  22. As mentioned there is no question Toyota has to step up it's game and get back to basics of which their reputation was built on over the last 5+ decades in North America...high quality & reliable vehicles ("It's the product stupid" to coin an old phrase...and how true that is!). I see that happening sooner rather than later (not as long as a couple of years). It's a shame that they lost their way, in the way they did they have to pay the piper for their mistakes (and taking it on the chin bigtime!) of which they have admitted they were growing too fast. Time is going to tell how much they have learned from their mistakes...and the world is paying close attention & will for quite some time. This was one hell of a rude wake up call on many levels...all the way to the top brass back in Japan. It might be wise for Toyota to offer a longer factory warranty similar to that of Hyundai as a good start too...I feel that would go a long way to say to the general public "we've got our house in order" in the long term B) Having said that & in all honesty I have lost a fair bit of respect for them, but I will still give Lexus / Toyota a serious look when the time comes to replace my ES 330...because both my ES's have served me well over the years.
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