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  1. I would suggest you check your fuses again. The same fuse powers the cigarette lighter and the HVAC controls. Most likely something has fallen down into the lighter socket and shorted it out. Check that first. If the fuse blows again (even after making sure the lighter is clear) your lighter socket could be bad also. You may need to disconnect it to diagnose the problem. Tom
  2. Make sure that the new remote you are trying to program has the same FCC ID number on the back as your good remote. Some remotes look the same, but have a different code and will not work with your car. You should use ADDITION MODE so that your current codes are kept and the new one is added. Your car can store up to 4 remote codes. There are timing requirements for these steps. I will list the timing requirement before I list each of the steps you must do within that timeframe. I suggest you read through all the instructions before you start so you know what is coming next. START Driver door open, unlocked, no ignition key. Insert ignition key and remove. Within 40 seconds, do the following: Using the manual switch lock and unlock the door 5 times in a row (not super fast) then close the driver door and reopen it. Within 40 seconds, do the following: Using the manual switch lock and unlock the door 5 times again, insert the ignition key and turn to the ON position and then back OFF and remove key. At this point the car will automatically lock and unlock the doors TWICE to indicate you have entered ADDITION MODE. Within 20 seconds press the LOCK button on your NEW remote and hold for more than 1 second. The car will respond by automatically locking and unlocking the car ONCE. Within 20 seconds, do the following: close the driver door and reopen then press and hold the LOCK button on the NEW remote for more than 1 second. The car will respond again by locking and unlocking the car. Now you can close the door or insert the ignition key to exit programming mode. Now exit your car and test the functions on your new remote. Tom
  3. I installed it myself. I too am very picky and most people cannot do work that satifies me. It's not difficult to install. The worst part is slowly and gently taking out the wood panels on the dash so that you do not scratch anything. Covering them with blue painters tape is a good idea too in case you slip. Let me know if you need some guidance. I followed a very good write up in this forum which showed how to remove everything. Tom
  4. I have 2005 LS430 Custom Luxury with the Nav/ML system. I installed a unit from Vais Tech that is fully integrated to the head unit. It works great. Let me know if you are not familiar with them and I will get you more info. Tom
  5. Just had to replace the sensor on my wife's 2001 RX300. Its headlights were doing the same dance. You should see them go down, then up, then down slightly. They were not doing the final down. At least that was normal for the RX. The sensor looked OK from the outside, but was corroded on the inside. Works great now. Tom
  6. I have a 2001 RX with NAV and I have a few thoughts for you. If I had it to do over again, I would not have searched for an RX with NAV. I also have a portable Garmin unit and it works much better (just my opinion). The radio controls are actually more convenient in a non NAV vehicle because you can control them without looking away from the road. You can even get Garmin units now with internet connectivity so that you can get updated information while on the road. Just my 2 cents. Tom
  7. Many auto parts stores will read the code for you with their scanner for free. Once you know the failure code then you can start moving toward a fix. Tom
  8. Probably not the alternator. I just sold my SC300, so I cannot go look, but I don't think the PS pump was above the alternator on the I6. Is it always 5 minutes? How is the fluid level? What does the fluid look like? Is it foamy after 5 minutes? Could be that your pump or rack has just finally worn enough that it is failing after it warms??? More info is needed before any of us can help. Tom
  9. With the VSC light on, your VSC system will not function. I have verified this by trying it here on our snow covered streets. Mine also gave the O2 sensor code, but that was not my issue. I had a pinhole in one of the exhaust pipes. Once I sealed up the exhaust leak and reset the codes, the lights did not return. Does it sound like you have a slight exhaust leak?? Sometimes it is hard to tell. An easy way to verify is to go through your local fast food drive through and open your driver window. When you get your order and step on the gas to drive away, the sound echos off of the side of the building and makes it easier to hear. Tom
  10. Just my 2 cents. I have been rotating my tires same side front to back for 20 years on various Cadillac and, more recently, Lexus cars. I never bought into the cross rotation. I have had both directional and non-directional tires and have always gotten significantly more mileage than expected. Probably my best set were Michelins that were rated for 45,000 miles and I got 85,000 miles out of them. I have never gotten less than 40% more miles than stated by the manufacturer. But, maybe my driving style helps this too..... Tom
  11. I registered. I didn't see a difference. Maybe it will remember your cars or something. Tom
  12. Just installed the SL2xmt XM radio interface from Vais Tech. Very straightforward installation and it seems to work really well so far.
  13. It's too cold today to clean it for pictures, so these will have to do for now.
  14. After waiting for about 2 1/2 years, my dealer called and said they had a car they thought I would be interested in. 2005 LS430 Custom Luxury. Briarwood Pearl with Saddle interior. I liked my other Lexus, but love this one.
  15. Yes. In fact you must remove the timing belt as well. The belt drives the pump. Tom O9Wif
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