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  1. I recently performed this usually dealer service item on my 2002 ES 300 with 45k miles on it. The entire proecedure took less than an hour and was done in my driveway. I must say it is easier than doing your own oil change. What was done was simply draining the fluid from the tranny drain plug and refilling with the necessary amount of tranny fluid. I did not drop the pan, nor could I find a separate differential drain plug. Nonetheless, approximately 3.5 qts or fluid exited the tranny via the drain plug. I hope this pictured step by step process will help the average DIYer. steviej
  2. I have waited for a few weeks to post this to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Recently, I replaced the stock Denso air filter with a K&N drop in air filter. (takes about 5 minutes to do) I was getting about 21 mpg around town, minimal highways, stop and go, you know the drill. I change only the air filter and continue to drive the same. Over the four fill ups of gas (over 14 gallons each in the cousre of three weeks) since the filter change the new average has gone up to 24 mpg. I am impressed. For those interested, the K&N filter number is 33-2260 and cost $35 on line. (Pre-'02 ES have a different filter number.) The stores around here haven't stocked it yet. Shipping was another $7.00. steviej
  3. steviej

    Gs 300 Timing Belt

    2006 GS300 has a timing chain not a belt and needs not be changed. steviej
  4. need three things to start the car. spark, fuel and air. you replaced battery but did anyone check the cables to make sure ground connection was secure and clean? To me is sounds like a fuel pressure or lazy fuel pump problem. Any problems with performance once car is started? Has anyone hooked up a scan tool upon start up to see what fuel pressures are. If the car is warm, does it start right up? You mention the car has to sit for a time for the no start condition to occur. This makes me think it could be a coolant temperature sensor malfunction or some other temperature related sensor. It is a very open ended question with too many possibilities for a no start condition. steviej
  5. hard to say without knowing what the orginal trouble codes were. It could be that the failed O2 sensor allowed too much gas fumes into the CC and thus causesd that to crap out. Sounds like the chicken and the egg conundrum. steviej
  6. I had both my rear calipers replaced by Lexus FOR FREE after a writing a letter to customer service. They original calipers were fine and pins replaced via the 2009 service campaign. Less than 2 years later both calipers supposedly remedied by the service campaign failed for the exact reason the serivce campaign was intended. Lexus is aware of the poor design of the lower caliper pin on the rear units. Simple resolve for me is to grease these pins well 2x a year when I swap my summer wheels for winter wheels and back. It is very easy to grease these pins. You have the same model as me, a 2006 which was the first year of this generation. It is expected to have some flaws. I do agree maybe more than other Lexus models. My 2002 ES was great and didn't have near as many quirks. But you will find that in any make, Acura included. Look back to the 2002 TL with close to a 33% failure rate on the triptronic transmissions. Every manufacturer has growing pains. steviej
  7. have you tried they have the Lexus sensors for pretty decent money. You will have to have the sensor mounted and then programmed into your ECU though so figure some money for that as well. Toyota dealerships tend to be less expensive in that task as well. steviej
  8. steviej

    Lid Trunck

    the answer you seek lies in the reply to your post in a different thread: see below. You stated the reason yourself. It is because you diconnected the battery. Both the moonroof and power windows will have to be "normalized", in other words, they have relearn their respective programming. The instructions are clearly described in your owners manual and previously in this thread. Simply stated: Moonroof: push and hold the UP button unitl the moon roof tilts all the way up and then down a little automatically. Windows: 1. push down the power window switch for each window using the switch of each door so that the window goes halfway down. 2. then pull up the switch unitl the windows close and hold the switch for one second. steviej
  9. You stated the reason yourself. It is because you diconnected the battery. Both the moonroof and power windows will have to be "normalized", in other words, they have relearn their respective programming. The instructions are clearly described in your owners manual and previously in this thread. Simply stated: Moonroof: push and hold the UP button unitl the moon roof tilts all the way up and then down a little automatically. Windows: 1. push down the power window switch for each window using the switch of each door so that the window goes halfway down. 2. then pull up the switch unitl the windows close and hold the switch for one second. steviej
  10. request/kindly demand a meeting with the service manager, the general manager of the dealership and the regional Lexus customer service representative. Unfortunately that panel piece is about $900 online. Tell them that if they do not replace it, then you will move all your service business to another dealership and recommend to all your friends on and offline that they do so as well. The dealership stands to lose more revenue in lost service than they will by replacing one panel. Ask them to show you in print where their "bumper to bumper" warranty states that this piece is not covered. If you have a friend who is a lawyer, bring him to the meeting. Threaten small claims court. This will mean that someone from the dealership will have to show up on the court date, again a loss of revenue for the dealership. People's time is money and if the people are not at the dealership, then they are being paid to be elsewhere (ie. court). You follow me. It's worth a try to use minimal scare tactics. steviej
  11. steviej

    Trd Push To Start Button

    The button is red, the TRD and oval will light up green when you step on the brake. you can get it for $229 here $229, really??? :chairshot: steviej
  12. Really. The plugs in there are iridium and these last a long time. I was skeptical at first on my 2002 ES and changed them at 60K (recommendation was 90k). I could have waited, the plugs were pristine. On my 2006 GS300 AWD, the recommendation is 100-120k. Again, on a Saturday afternoon with 90k on the clock, I had nothing to do so I replaced them. Once again they were pristine. As for the coil packs, I wouldn't replace them unless any unless it was giving you problems or is throwing a misfire code. And if that be the case I would start with the problem pack and replace one at a time. The buggers are quite expensive to replace as a precaution. steviej
  13. steviej

    Roof Trim Peeling

    sorry shiga, Lexus Limited Warranties are 4 years/50,000 miles.
  14. Go for it. My winter tires (225/50-17) are mounted on the stock 17" wheels and my three season tires (245/40-18) are mounted on Lexus G-Spyder 18" wheels. There are plenty of options for 18" wheels out there, pick something that really pops (doesn't have to be Lexus brand. The only thing I noticed is the 18" tires rubbed a tiny little bit on the back wall of the wheel well when I cut the steering wheel all the way when making a left turn. This stopped after about 15,000 miles on the tires. steviej
  15. I think it is the Trim Bezel for GS w/washer. Try here steviej
  16. Billy, is your RX400h out of warranty? That part should be covered if you are still under. steviej
  17. nope. If the wheels mounted on the car do not have TPMS sensors, thent he little idiot light will stay on. Two solutions: 1. get a second set of sensors and mount them in the new wheels, 2. put a little piece of black electrical tape over the idiot light. steviej
  18. Dave, you say it is using oil but fail to mention how much oil is it using? Is there blue smoke coming out the exhaust? I would have to assume that the dealer has made all necessary investigations to deduce that it is in fact oil ring failure (I would hope). If it is an oil ring failure, why not just replace the oil rings, why is a new block in need? Have you tried a heavier oil to reduce loss, like a 5w-40 or 10w-40? steviej
  19. In the 2006 GS manual it is located under the section called "Windshield Wiper and Washer Switches". Page 49 to be exact. They refer to the 2 positions as rest and retracted. It has gotta be in the 2008 manual as well. steviej
  20. steviej

    Sunroof Broken

    have you tried online. $127 click here. steviej ps, since you haven't designated your vehicle model in your profile, I searched on a 2008 GS350 AWD.
  21. steviej

    Screen Goes Black

    This is normal when you have the setting selected to "return to Nav screen" and you don't have a navigation system. I prefer this setting because it will have less wear on the LCD display. Page 250 of the 2006 GS owners manual. Press the Info button on the console. Now on the touch screen press the Screen Setting button. Where is says: "Automatic transition from Audio--Air Conditioner to navigation If you have ON selected, the navigation screen automatically returns from the audio or air conditioning screen 20 seconds after the end of the audio or ac operation. Since you do not have navigation, the screen will go blank/dark. If you have OFF selected, the audio or ac screen remains on and your screen will not go dark. steviej
  22. steviej

    Tires For A 08 Gs350 Awd

    That's a loaded question with little information given: what size are your wheels and will the car ever see snow? Given that you are in So. WI, I would say yes on the snow part. I hate runflats, and replaced mine with 18" Michelin Pilot Sport A/S. These are a very nice tire, on the pricey side but great tire. These are my March to December tire. For snow months I have Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3s on 17" stock wheels. Awesome high performance snow tire. If you dump the runfarts, make sure you have a spare tire. The 06 did not come standard with a spare and I had to shell out close to $150 for a spare tire set up. check out and go through their decision program to find a tire that meets you needs in the size you have. steviej
  23. steviej

    Tires For 2006 Gs 430

    225/50-17 is the stock tire size for the GS. He probably plugged the year and make of your car into his computer and the stock tire size came up. My guess is that he didn't look to see that you have the optional 18 size on the vehicle. Simply go back and calmly inform them that you do not have 17" tires and that you would like a quote for the size tire currently mounted on the car. steviej
  24. You won't see any fluid leaking because there is none. The power steering is electric not hydraulic. Since it is electric, then a fuse is always the first place to look. Since you have a 2006 then I might be of help. Page 582 to 584 of your owners manual tells you how to pull the blade fuse and see if it is blown. Very simple. Fuse no. 56 and 51 are the first two to look at. (listed on pg 577 and location shown on pg. 573) These two are in the fuse box under the hood on the passengers side. There was a recall on the power steering unit back in 2009, did you car have that service campaign performed on it? steviej
  25. 35k miles on a battery is a short life. Although the battery may be five years old, I would have expected a little more life out of it. Toyota uses Panasonic brand batteries and they are pretty decent. My 02 ES had one in it and at 106k miles and 6 years old, the battery still hadn't missed a beat. My current 06 GS has 82k and five years on the clock and the battery hasn't missed a beat either. Simple items like these batteries purchased through the dealership can be taxing on your wallet. Take a trip to your local library and thumb through some back issues of consumer reports. See if there are any recent full reviews or comparisons between batteries. You have to take into account cold cranking amps and what the average winter temperature is in your area. You also have to consider any "extra" aftermarket items you may have installed on you vehicle as this will have an impact on battery life. Lastly, before you pay for anything, get a second opinion. Take you car to Autozone and they will load test your battery for free. If the same "test fail" occurs, then consider a replacement in the near future. Lexus' "fail" may simply be one cell that is not at the efficiency of the other cells and hence they see and easy replacement. You stated the current battery is live enough to start the car and it seems to be accepting a charge from the alternator so I don't think you are in deep water yet. Get a second opinion. Who is to say that the tech performed the battery test correctly at Lexus. Post up what you find on your second testing. steviej oh yeah. If it does come down to getting a new battery, I have never had a problem with DieHards from Sears (they even replace it for you and take away your old one). Autozone will as well, but I have no experiecne with the Duralast brand battery. Many people rave about Optima batteries.