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  1. Can't say the thing's not safe! The guy was okay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLZjq2vxD3Q&feature=player_embedded#at=121
  2. You know we're buds right! BUT, I'm just not much of a minivan guy. While I certainly acknowledge their utility with a flat load floor, configurable seating, ample seating, etc, and while I acknowledge I likely will own one when we have a kid in the family...I'm just not a fan. I am a fan of three rows, we also like to drive family around when we're visiting and I often have wanted three rows. When we replace the Jeep this year or next year 3 rows is high on the list of important wants. It would just be really, really hard for me to trade that Jeep in on a van....especially without kids, etc. Aside from the style aspects of it, I just don't care for the seating/driving position, etc. I guess I'm also still a little snobbish when it comes to cars, being as much of a car guy as I am...its important to me that a car I own be something that I look at and really enjoy owning, driving around, caring for, looking forward to driving, etc. Its a big part of my life...I just don't see me feeling that way about a van. thats one big reason I just had to get rid of our Prius. I'm pretty happy with our automobile situation right now I gotta say, I like having the Lexus for work and such, and the Jeep for trips and weekends and outdoor type stuff. My wife wants another Prius...but I told her to look forward to when I'm dead and she can drive whatever she likes lol
  3. See the "port" thing is what threw me off or I would have guessed the Sienna! Not sure how excited I can be for you for this one buddy ;)
  4. Yeah I really love my GS...I too like the rear which I actually didn't care for at first... Another thing thats the same as your 2000 LS400 is unfortunately the price LOL. My GS cost almost exactly what my dad's 98 LS cost (~$60,000). Obviously, that was long ago. Hmm....I'm stumped. I can't think of another vehicle that: 1. Has an ottomaned right rear seat 2. Has rear seat entertainment 3. Has HIDs 4. Has a full glass roof 5. Costs less than an LS460L AWD 6. Is not built in the US...and would arrive at a port I would guess (shudder) a Toyota Sienna (I know you've mentioned it before!) but they're made in Kentucky. Although...you did say you didn't WANT to spend as much as an LS460L AWD...not that you DIDN'T. Hmm...
  5. You're a manager now too. I can't save all the petty vindictive bannings for myself!
  6. The RX isn't too old, the current body style came out in 2009 as a 2010 model. The current LS came out in 2006 as a 2007 model! I was surprised when they refreshed that body a second time, although I do like the result. At least you're keeping it in the family so to speak! Hmm...maybe its not a Toyota/Lexus product...it "arrives in the port"...so its new not used, and at least its probably not a Toyota...as most of them are built here. Unless its another Prius V or something...which I wouldn't put past you...but you said it would be hard to get it to fit in your garage with the auto folding mirrors. Its bigger than the LS400...at least wider...but you said you didn't want to spend as much as an LS460L AWD...so that precludes like an LX. Hmm...I'm perplexed!
  7. Yeah I don't know. It's almost like Lexus is afraid of offering cars that are up in the upper price points? They always seem to pull their punches at the top end of the range. So you have affirmatively replaced the LS? Hmm...I'm sure it's a Toyota product. I would guess the new Highlander but no HID. AWD...Hmm...
  8. I think a lot of the issue with your RX Paul is that its really a 4 year old vehicle vs the ES which was all new for 2013. The all new RX when it comes out in a couple years will have the latest control interfaces, etc.... As for RCC/PCS, you can indeed get them on the AWD GS. The one my dealer had was AWD, and there are several members on CL that have AWD 4GS's with RCC & PCS. Rare, but does exist.
  9. Actually you can get PCS and adaptive cruise on the GS. It's rare, and generally special order only but they do exist. My dealer had one when I bought mine, but at $67k it was more than I wanted to spend lol.
  10. My other question is if you have XM service or Sirius service. If you have XM service you have to pay extra for Howard and other stations. Perhaps you just don't get those stations on your account? I seriously doubt an aftermarket tuner for this car has parental controls for satellite radio.
  11. I wish there were more pictures of the interior, odometer, etc.
  12. I just don't like the feel of a hybrid on the road, nothing against Toyota's HSD per se, I just don't like the CVT, rubbery feel, etc. I know it physically is shorter, but feel wise the Highlander is going to feel bigger obviously, which has its good and bad points. Its like the Jeep, its about the same length as my GS (same legnth as the Highlander)...but it feels bigger... I like that feel at times, but overall I find I don't. Great on a trip, not great driving it around town. I drove the Jeep yesterday because we had "snow", and by the end of the day driving it around town all day on and off...I was ready to be out of it. I can drive the Lexus all day. The GS is a thought. Don't worry about the $70k sticker. The 450hs are very slow sellers. New I bet you can get one for 62k. Right now I bet you can get a new leftover 2013 under $60k. CPO a year old if you can find one would be very reasonable. Have you driven the 4GS? EDIT- Nevermind, I see you want AWD...the GS450h is not available in AWD, only RWD.
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