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  1. that was a beautiful ES300 I almost feel depressed after looking at it. I am 18 years old and have a 1998 ES300 that was that color till i took on the challenge of painting it myself in my garage. Once again, Glad to hear you are okay, and i feel for your loss.

  2. When I had my '01, the seat control shield was broken so I ordered a new one from the local Lexus dealership for around $55, and it's pretty easy to install yourself in a few minutes. Not possible to find a cheaper price than that since this is not a common wear item ordered from Lexus.
  3. You have to get yourself under the front end of the car and remove the plastic splash guard which covers the underside of the front end. From that point on you should see how the fog light bulbs are connected, and then go from there to replace them.
  4. Go for it bro. The setup would also look extra sweet with a mild suspension drop (e.g. a set of Eibachs).
  5. Wow, that's a very nice head unit, and could easily pass off as a factory component as well :)
  6. No it wouldn't. The '99 ES was the first year with VVT-i (variable valve timing w/ intelligence) transmission, while the '95 ES does not have it.
  7. I did the same mod when I had my '01 ES. Replaced the nozzles with the ones from a '03 ES, and swapped them out within 15 minutes. Just get a business card and pry the nozzles out from either side as they are held on by clips. When you order the new nozzles, make sure they are the same color as the ones you have before.
  8. Yep, that's called "no-fault" insurance law, and Florida is one of the few states with this law. That basically means when two parties get involved in an accident, neither of them can sue each other for medical or personal damages, and the insurance carriers of both parties take care of compensating them for their damages/losses so more than likely one or both of the parties will receive a generous insurance check from the other party. I personally dealt with the no-fault law when I wrecked my '01 ES last year after improperly making a left turn and hitting a woman head-on. My insurance cut
  9. The climate control lights are not that hard to replace. To gain access to the lights, you have to remove the entire stereo-and-A/C cluster unit, then remove the A/C unit and unscrew the circuit board from the unit. You will find that the lights themselves are the screw-on type, and things should be self-explanatory as far as replacing them. You can get the replacement lights for around $2-$3 per light bulb at your local Lexus dealership.
  10. The '02-'06 ES never got my attention as it is too boat-like design-wise, but I have to admit the interior is immaculate with the fit and finish. Overall, I have always liked the 2000-2001 ES300 generation. Sporty looking, very refined, great mileage, and interior is nowhere in comparison with that of the Camry.
  11. Maybe take a look at the seats from a '96 ES? I assume they should directly bolt onto the '93.
  12. I can vouch for the ride quality and such for the '96 and '01 ES since I used to own both of them (my '96 was a Coach Edition). You will notice more pep and acceleration with the '01 ES mainly because of the new transmission technology (VVT-i engine), thus more horsepower. Also aesthetically speaking, I think the '01 model looks sportier and more refined than the '96. When I had my '01 after a year, I thought to myself how simple and boring the '96 appears to be. For the interior, the '01 wins hands-down over the '96; it almost feels like sitting inside the LS430 :)
  13. It would greatly help us out if you could tell us what year your ES is. However for most of the ES models, the center brake light can be accessed by pulling the brake light assembly away from the rear window as it is clipped to the carpeting.
  14. Please do a search next time for simple maintenance questions like this. I've already gone ahead and found the answer for you (see below).
  15. I did two 90K services on my '96 and '01 ES when I had them, and although these put a rather large dent on your wallet, they certainly help out when you plan to keep the ES for long-term. However, if you're handy with a few basic tools and some know-how, you could literally do half of the 90K service work by yourself and save lots of money, such as replacing the air filter, A/C filter, oil change, transmission fluid, etc.
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