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  1. Lead food? What are you talking about man! those are plastic hubcaps :P , or are you referring to what I should put on them?
  2. Thanks, it needs tint and wheels. The local dealers have quiet a few Civic EX, Si and hybrids, but not too many LX models, if any. In its class, the Civic is towards the higher end in price and for the money of an EX, you can just get a larger Accord LX. What's your MPG in city with the LS?
  3. I guess I have re-post this link: Did you modify your car? or did EPA dropped the ball on this one?.......27 on a bad day!
  4. I agree, Mac's are more user friendly and the new leopard operating system is very attractive, useful and fast. But they do have one annoying feature or lack of, no right click. Needless to say, according to their standards a keyboard is not even worthy of their laptops as well...........j/k MacBook Wheel:
  5. Don't worry DC, you didn't miss anything. I don't have my b-day listed here; '93 pulled it from Facebook, I think. You also share it with one of my family members as well.
  6. You are right Sir, what was I thinking? I have no problem debating with you about benefits of the program. But your arguments are flawed due to the fact that you do not even know a single detail about how the program works.
  7. Good'ol eBay! After driving the LS for five years, the economical interior of the Civic became apparent. Then again it does retail for only $19k. In retrospect, for the money I could have purchased a used LS430 and kept my old car as well. But I learned my lesson in high school by buying someone’s old used clunker.
  8. Congrats, what was the MSRP for the Sentra? How much did you pay for your LS? I paid $6k five years ago with 144k on the engine.
  9. Tiny screen? Problem solved (look at the tour on the right):
  10. That is funny, but what is funnier is that you laughed for an hour.
  11. For the processor, the first one should be enough. For mobility, you may also want to look at the weight and battery life. What do you mean by processing pictures? photoshop? Both of them come with Vista? Vista business, I assume?
  12. A brand new one? I only drove it 18 miles as of yet. It has been in the garage since I got it. I'm on vacation. :)
  13. Happy fiftieth birthday :P and many more to come, long lost friend.
  14. This is a major red flag buddy. How much is the interest rate on that plastic? Stick with your LS, you have no reason to purchase a new vehicle that will eventually be ruined in the snow and salt.
  15. Slower than the LS? you must be going backwards than...............j/k If you ever decide to upgrade, look into 93-99 S-class. This car means serious business:
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