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  1. Thanks for your response Jim. Once again i need to replace rotors and pad so i will be suggesting to mechanic to torque properly. Will let this audience know of the outcome.
  2. I own the 2010 RX350 and I have been having continuous problems with the breaking system for the past two years. The symptoms are vibration in the break pedal applying the break over 60 MPH especially down an incline. I have change rotors and pads multiple time, even the calipers on the front have been changed. I have also used multiple different brands of pads and rotors and each time the brakes will start vibrating around 4 000 miles or sooner. I have also been told by my mechanic that he has another lexus rx350 owner experiencing the same issues. I seems like the rotors are becoming warped quickly. I have also tried the drill cut rotors as these will cool better if it was heat causing the warping of the rotors. Those did the same as well. This is a real pain for me, I hope someone is able to help.