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  1. Would appreciate any advice on the subject! Thanks everyone...hey and Happy Holidays!
  2. KLF Tried to send you a message regarding your wheel lock. Please enable your message options =)
  3. Hi guys I took your advice and managed to get a new remote keyfob online...I saved a lot of money - thanks so much for that. I know the instructions for programming are here, and I'm prepared to do that, but forgive my ignorance with this question: I don't understand how the "fob" can be programmed when it is separate from the actual key? The key is the only thing actually IN the ignition when following the programming steps. The fob is separate. Am I missing something really obvious here? Hope to hear from someone asap - if I have to open the doors one more time manually I'm going to t
  4. should have replacement keys for your car or try ebay. You can program the key yourself too using one of the many threads for key programming in the forum. ← SUPER! A million thanks. I'm on it. High Five :D
  5. Hi everyone - Happy New Year I posted about this about a month ago...but still need help. My remote key thing will not work. I've had several new batteries put in, still nothing. Checked the manual and I don't have that particular switch underneath the steering wheel to turn on/off. Today I finally visited the dealer and after trying one last time with a new battery, they decided that I need a new key thing/transmittor altogether. Cost: $180 *ouch* there any way around this? Can these keyfobs be purchased online or elsewhere cheaper, and then taken to the dealer for programmi
  6. I can try to run a carfax report for you. Will check back with you later this evening (PST).
  7. Hey everyone - long time no "see". Hope Santa was good to everyone ;) Anyway, I have had the battery replaced in the key fob-thing 5 times already, and the thing still won't open/lock my doors. Have to manually use the key (drag). I checked the manual and looked for this mysterious button underneath the steering wheel but I don't see it anywhere. Am I overlooking something very obvious here?? :cries:
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